CCTV Installation & Maintenance Overview

InSync IT offers CCTV and security camera system installation and maintenance services to the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. With vast knowledge in the security industry and with a focus on quality, we have built up a reputation for being experts in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of all types of security cameras and CCTV systems large or small.

Structured data network cabling and infrastructure

Based in Shaw near Oldham, InSync offers its range of quality CCTV services to homes, businesses and schools across the North West and West Yorkshire regions. We can integrate all these systems with others and with your IT infrastructure, tailoring any installation to meet your needs and provide peace of mind and security for any type or size of business or home.

All members of our team are committed to providing a professional service and have the required skills, training and insurances to enable them to complete work to the highest standards. We listen to you and design systems using tried and tested manufacturers and equipment to provide you with a quality service, reliable solutions at a good value for money no matter which sector you are in.

With all our systems we can provide free quotations with no obligation initial consultations through to design and installation. With existing systems we can offer repair, maintenance and upgrade services to safeguard your systems and ensure they are in a fully functional fault free condition and therefore offering full protection.

Our aim is to install and maintain high quality CC and security camera systems at affordable prices and provide a truly professional service with a personal touch giving you peace of mind for your property, assets and the valuable people within them. Please see below or contact us for more information.

CCTV Installation & Maintenance Services

Below are more details on the related services and solutions we can offer you:

Digital IP & Analogue CCTV Systems

- CCTV or Closed Circuit Television is now one of the most common forms of commercial and domestic security protection. Due to advances in technology, CCTV is now much more affordable for regular people and small businesses. The advantages of CCTV are that it provides constant surveillance but more importantly it also provides a great visual deterrent for potential criminals targeting your premises. CCTV helps to detect various types of crime such as theft, anti-social behaviour and criminal damage; it is also a great for an investigative tool. There is an array of different CCTV systems available and we offer a wide range of CCTV systems utilizing either conventional analogue designs or the newer digital over IP based networks, which allows for higher quality recordings and the potential for HD recording and utilizes existing or new network infrastructures. We can design, install, commission and CCTV systems and security cameras for any size and type of building providing you with a tailored system to fit your requirements and enabling your property to be protected to the highest degree. Along with onsite viewing of footage, remote monitoring can also be achieved, allowing the recording images to be accessible from anywhere in the world with the ability to view your cameras from a mobile phone or a computer in a remote location. Whatever your requirements InSync will provide the best solution and offer the highest quality services to you, your company and your property.

Covert CCTV Cameras

– As well as visible CCTV cameras we can also install covert CCTV which is unobtrusive and sometimes undetectable hidden cameras in everyday objects. This means that the CCTV systems can not only be a great prevention against crime but also a brilliant tool that can be used to control staff, productivity and false claims.

HD CCTV Systems

– HD CCTV systems operate in the same way to standard CCTV system except the images and footage recorded are in higher definition (HD) quality, which has a much better details, utilizing larger images with finer detail generally at 1920 x 1080 (1080P). This results in much higher quality footage. We design, install and maintain HD CCTV cameras and systems tailored to your needs and property.

IP CCTV Cabling

– We can supply and install twisted pair data cabling for IP CCTV security systems and cameras, from single to multiple camera points. We can first and second fix or integrate new and existing systems for security installation companies or systems integrators without the knowledge of these cabling systems.

Security & Infrared Lighting

– The addition of security or IR lighting can play a very important part in a CCTV system, security lighting can work alongside security cameras to help illuminate and trigger the CCTV system. Illumination is important to ensuring the best possible picture and therefore evidence is obtained should a security event occur, poorly lit areas or bad lighting or illumination can result in grainy or poor unusable footage being recorded. We design, install and maintain security lights and IR for CCTV systems for any size and type of building, either for security purposes or for simple task or entrance illumination.

Sensors and Triggers

- CCTV triggering and sensors on CCTV systems allow for activations to be logged and trigger other integrated items and features on the system such as better quality recording rates, lighting and speech diallers. These sensors can take the form of beam detectors large range or long range motion detection. We use the latest offerings in technology including advanced motion detection, sensors and external triggering. We can provide a solution to suit your needs and integrate into any existing systems.

Remote Monitoring & Viewing

- We are able to offer monitoring services for your CCTV systems, these include simple applications on a remote computer or mobile phone to be able view your CCTV system away from the premises. We can install a text or speech dialler to inform clients of activations on the system, and therefore enabling users to instantly check whether it is a real intrusion. For larger installation we can offer monitoring stations to managing your site footage. No matter which solution we can provide these tailored to your needs and premises.

Maintenance Packages

– As well as installation we are able to offer packages for on-going preventative maintenance of your CCTV systems. Depending on the type of system we are able to offer routine inspections, servicing and maintenance at monthly, quarterly, 6 months and 12 months intervals. Regular visits to provide these services are recommended and sometimes required to ensure standards are met and systems are kept fully functional.

Electrical Work

– We can perform electrical work to coincide with any security or IT work.

If you require further information on our CCTV and security camera installation and maintenance services, have an enquiry or require a quotation, please don't hesitate to contact us today by phone on 0161 806 1188, via the Contact Us & Enquires link on the menu or by emailing us directly on