IT Support & Services for Home

Experiencing computer problems at home can be stressful if you don't know how to sort them out quickly and without causing any further damage. Luckily InSync IT is here to take care of all your technology and IT nightmares. Specialising in providing IT services and solutions specifically for home users, our experienced IT engineers will get you up and running in no time.

IT Support Services for home customers

When computer problems arise, you no longer have to manage without your computer for days. InSync IT offers either remote IT support for your home or if not possible to fulfil remotely we will provide home visits at a time to suit you. From installing new equipment or removing viruses to creating a personal website, our aim is to provide a solution to any IT or technology needs or issues you may encounter.

We are not just there for the problems either. We understand the importance of safe, reliable and up to date computing so we offer a comprehensive range of professional services and support products to suit home users, ensuring you get the best from your technology. We all rely on our computer and IT systems more and more so our focus is on a friendly and reliable service that delivers results at the right price.

From our offices we bring our business level support to our residential clients in an affordable manner. We support home users with the same care and professionalism that we extend to our business clients.

We are aware that in some cases IT support has ended up with a reputation of being complicated and expensive. We like to think we are different, all of our engineers aim to break down problems into simple clear language so you can understand what is happening at every stage of the process. With this and through many years of experience in our field, we are confident that we provide an unparalleled level of service to our customers and represent the best possible value for money anywhere and be certain that we can be of assistance with any aspect of modern technology and computing.

Most of our clients got in touch with us following word-of-mouth recommendation.  They now join the many happy customers that have utilised our service.  We look forward to hearing from you and exceeding your expectations too.  

For full details on the type of services and support packages we offer along with the associated costs and benefits, please click on the relevant sections on the menu to the right. If you require further information or have any enquiry, please don't hesitate to contact us today by phone on 0161 806 1188, via the Request a Free Callback link or by emailing us directly on

Types of Support, Benefits & Costs

IT Services for Home - Types of Support

We are based in Shaw near Oldham just off the M62 and able to offer a fast, efficient and professional service to homes in the surrounding area of the North West. With the ability to offer onsite (in-home visits) and offsite (remote) support and services, we aim to provide you with the assistance you require in a timely fashion.

PLEASE NOTE: Home offices used for commercial businesses, fall under our IT Services for Business, an exception to this is where you use your own personal non corporate computer or device to connect to your employer’s offices remotely.

Our services can be obtained in one of two methods:

Offsite Remote

- With our remote support we can potentially cover anywhere in the UK providing the task can be completed remotely (see note below). We have trained and experienced engineers who can repair and resolve issues by connecting to your computer over the Internet to diagnose the fault and perform a quick resolution, without the need to come round to your home. All you need is a working internet connection.

To provide the offsite support we use remote tools software which is a secure service and provides us with one time only access to your computer upon your authorisation. You can read more about the remote support process and proceed to download the tools by clicking Remote Support on the top menu. If connecting remotely isn’t an option, not possible or it is deemed an onsite in-home visit is needed at any point in the process, an engineer can be booked in for you.

PLEASE NOTE: As mentioned above with remote support we can potentially cover any geographical area as long as you have a steady internet connection, but should a visit be required we can only efficiently cover certain areas which fall into our local catchment zones. Details of the areas we cover for home visits can be found on our Coverage Areas page.

Onsite In-Home

- When a home visit is required, which is generally for anything that can’t be done remotely or if we need to bring equipment to you, we aim to provide quick response for residents in our catchment areas. Again details of the areas we cover for home visits can be found on our Coverage Areas page.

When we arrange an in-home visit it will be at a convenient time to suit your schedule and we will provide our services to you all in the comfort of your own home. Our aim is to visit you the same day that you call us and on rare occasions when this is not possible we promise a support engineer will be available at next availability.

Here are the 5 easy steps to follow when you require any of our services:

  • Contact Us

    - Call us on 0161 806 1188 or Email us with your technology or computer queries or problems, and we can then decide whether it will need remote support or an in-home visit is required.
  • Connect Remotely

    - Initially we aim to connect remotely to your computer to diagnose and fix the problem but if this isn’t possible or the issue cannot be resolved remotely a visit will then be required.
  • Onsite Visit

    - When a visit is required we need to check your location first to see if you fall within our catchment zones area, then we book a time and day to suit you. We explain any charges upfront with you so you know what to expect.
  • Collect

    - Along with this should you want or need to have the computer or device taken away or collected, such as virus problems, or hardware is needed etc, we are able to collect from your home and also at your workplace so you don’t have to wait at home for us to call*
  • Completion

    - When we remotely connect, visit your home or take away your computer or device away, we will diagnose, repair or upgrade your computer or device and if we collected it, return it to you, again at a time suitable. You will be clearly informed of any additional costs before work is completed, should there be any.

*May incur an extra cost.

Whether it be offsite or onsite in your home, when dealing with your technology problems, these are the 4 main steps we follow to process your issues through to repair or completion:

  • Diagnose

    - We will run a series of hardware and software diagnostics or checks to determine the nature of the fault. Once we have found the problem we contact you and explain our findings in plain English.
  • Resolve

    - It is at this point there maybe additional charges to fix the problem. Only once we have your confirmation we will continue work. You are in charge throughout the process. 
  • Prevent

    - To ensure the problem is fixed we re-test the equipment to ensure all faults have been resolved. We will also explain any measures you can take to prevent the problem recurring.
  • Improve

    - While dealing with your equipment we will assess it for any improvements which could be made. If you decide to go ahead with any we can complete these either at your home or once taken away, to be brought back at a later stage.

Whatever your needs, our services will cover it all. You can find out more on our full range of services for home users by reading below or to select a more specific service, use the menu on the right.

IT Services for Home - Benefits & Features

There are many benefits and extra features we offer with our services unlike most other IT companies, which we feel improves the whole process and experience. Here is a detailed list of them:
  • No Fix - No Fee

    1 - On any job that requires a fix; In the rare event that we cannot fix your problem or find a solution, we will not charge you.
  • Local Qualified Engineers

    - We are highly skilled, knowledgeable and are local, so if you need a quick response to any IT problem we are not far away.
  • Capped Pricing

    2 - Nobody wants the shock of a huge bill so we have a capped all fix only jobs labour charges to 3 hours when dropped off with us or worked on remotely.  This is the most labour you will be charged for any one fix repair.
  • Free No Obligation Quotes

    - We never charge for any of our quotes or estimates for equipment or work to be carried out. Call us now on 0161 806 1188 to see what we can do for you.
  • Competitors Price Matched or Beaten

    - If you have already received a quote from a competitor, why not try us. We aim to price match or beat any genuine quote as well as giving you more benefits too.
  • Visits and Times to Suit You

    - Within our normal working hours should you require a visit, we arrange time to suite you and work around your day. We can also arrange out of hour times too if required 3
  • No Standard Call-out Charge

    - There are no charges for call-outs during normal standard working hours for all our customers. Call-out charges only apply outside the normal working hours and outside our normal catchment areas A, B & C. For call-outs an onsite visit is required and for these we only apply a minimum charged amount of time which includes the time to do the work.
  • Collect and Return Service

    3 - Work all week? Have a computer problem and can't take time of work? We can come out to you as normal but instead of providing you with an IT repair solution onsite; we simply collect your computer or device or laptop either from your home or indeed your workplace.
  • Emergency Call-outs

    3 - We can offer emergency call-outs for those moments that require to have a higher priority that a normal call-out. Keep our number handy should the unfortunate moment arise.
  • Out of Hours & Weekend Work

    3 - Should you require evening or weekend work either remotely or an in-home visit, we can arrange this if needed at a time to suit you.
  • Fast Turn Around and Repair

    - We aim to process your repair or work in as quick a time as possible, so you are not without your computer or device for any long periods of time.
  • No Hidden Charges

    - The price given is the price paid, there will be no hidden costs, and we will keep you informed of any charges applicable to you, before continuing with any work.
  • Transparent Pricing

    - Transparent pricing enables you to know exactly what the work you require is going to cost you up front, not when you receive the bill. We can update you at any stage with costs.
  • 30 Days Warranty on all Work Carried Out

    4 - We cover all work carried out for 30 days from completion for your piece of mind. If a same exact problem reoccurs we will not charge for the re-repair.
  • Reliable and No Missed Appointments

    - Using our reliable engineers, we will always turn up on time and stay in contact with you throughout the process with updates or any unforeseen changes.
  • Computer Parts at Trade Prices

    - Our trade relationships with suppliers enables us to get low prices and in turn pass these onto you, ensuring you get more value for money for your IT purchases.
  • Help and Advice

    - We are here to give advice on any of our services or any other queries or questions you have about your computer and technology.
  • CSCS & Health & Safety

    - We hold industry recognised Construction Skills & Health and Safety cards.
  • Public & Indemnity Insurances

    - We hold all relevant Insurances for your peace of mind.

1 Excludes faults caused by 3rd parties, call-out and other charges may still apply.
2 Labour only, excludes equipment costs.
3 Extra charges may apply and subject to availability.
4 Excluding 3rd party, hacking, virus and spyware related issues.

IT Services for Home - Rates, Extra Costs & Payments

All our charges and rates information is located in the ABOUT US section.

If you require further information on our pricing, charges or require a quotation, please don't hesitate to contact us today by phone on 0161 806 1188, via the Request a Free Callback link or by emailing us directly on and we will be happy to help.

Computer, Laptop & Hardware Repairs

Computer and Laptop repairs for home customers

Our repair services cover everything you need to get your computer, laptop or device up and running again. Like most modern electrical equipment, computers go wrong and it will usually be one of two things, hardware or software. With this in mind, there are multiple problems that can occur in each of these areas.

We offer a complete range of services to enable you to get your equipment back to a working condition, from swapping hard disks, memory and faulty DVD writers, through to replacing laptop screens. Below is a list of repair related services we offer:

Computer, Laptop & Hardware Repair

- We can repair all problems with all makes of computers, laptop and related devices. Whether your computer or device is completely dead, will not boot because it keeps restarting or is not run as it should. These are common issues that we can resolve quickly to get your equipment back to perfect health. We will give you a full quotation and discuss the best course of action for you before any work is carried out.

Software & Drivers Issues

- If you are having problems installing or updating software, maybe you have installed software that has caused conflicts with existing software or you applications are not working as they should, closing or crashing. Are you having problems installing drivers for your new hardware? Call us today we can diagnose and fix the cause of your problem and get your software functioning as it should.

Replacing Faulty Hardware

- We can fix many type of hardware failure including processors, memory, motherboards, hard drives, power supplies, graphics and sound cards, modems, CD/DVD drives, floppy drives and much more.  We can supply replacements or we can install components, which you have bought.

Fault Diagnosis & Troubleshooting

- We can resolve small problems to more advanced problems, using our experience, diagnostic  tools and troubleshooting. So if you are having issues, please give us a call and we advise on and find a solution to your problem.

Hard Disk Failures

- If you have a hard disk that has failed, we can replace the faulty disk and reinstall your operating system and  software to get you back up and running. Along with this, we can try and recover your old data from the faulty disk and transfer them to your new disk.

Crashing & Blue Screen of Death

- Does your computer crash or freeze in the middle of an important document? Do you get the dreaded Blue Screen of Death? It may be a hardware fault causing the problem or possibly your operating system has become corrupt.  It may simply be a driver that needs updating.  Whatever the problem, call us today as we can help.

Printer Repairs

- We can repair many printer problems such as serious paper jams, clogging, broken parts or power issues. with most makes and models of laser, ink or dot matrix printers, photocopiers and fax machines.

Broken & Faulty Laptop Screens

- Have you accidentally cracked your screen? Has the backlight failed or do you have unpleasant lines running down the screen. We offer a cost effective screen replacement service, to get your laptop back into a working state.

Power & Charger Failures

- Is your laptop or device not charging?  Is your computer or monitor not switching on? We can diagnose the problem and if needed replace any chargers or power supplies.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

Networking, Wireless, ADSL & Broadband

Networking and wireless support for home customers

For years computer networks have existed in business but it is only in recent times that networks have become popular in the home.  At the turn of the century very few people had home networks but now they are common place in many households.  We can install new networking infrastructure and devices in your home or we can upgrade existing home networks.

Once you have a suitable network in your home you can take advantage of newer technology like network storage servers and media centres enabling multiple devices and computers within the home to communicate with each other, allowing these devices to share resources and more importantly share internet broadband all over your home.

There are two types of networks; wired and wireless, these networks can also work together so you are not limited to having one or the other. We can deal with every aspect of home networking  from installations to configuration . Below is the related services we can offer:

General Home Networking

- With networking in the home, we can deal with any network related problems, such as loss of connection, IP conflicts, slow network speeds. We can link two or more computers or devices together, to share resources or the internet. No matter what your networking requirements or problems, we can deal with all of your issues.

Wireless Networking & Setup

- Wireless & Bluetooth networks play a large part in home networks. We can install and make your home fully wireless enabled, so you can pick up a signal in all needed rooms and even the garden. We can also add other wireless access points and devices such as media streaming and print servers to your wireless network. As well as installations and upgrades, we can diagnose wireless problems and solve issues such as limited or no signal sometimes due to thick walls or interference. We can resolve these issues and many other related wireless problems such as not connecting or lost wireless encryption keys and lack of security.

ADSL, Cable & Broadband

- Is your internet connection slow, intermittent or disconnecting? Are you having problems with getting to certain websites or services on the internet? Do you want to switch your internet provider? Do you have a defective filter? We can help with these issues and more.

Router Setup & Configuration

- If you have just switched internet provider, are new to internet and have received you router and unsure how to configure or install it, or you simple wish to make some changes to your router, we can setup your cable or broadband wired and wireless routers, make sure it’s secure, enable any port forwarding or outbound services and get you connected to the internet.

Network Security

– Any device connected to the internet is a potential target from hackers. We can implement and configure firewalls, security devices and passwords on your network to create an enhanced layer of security to prevent unauthorised access to your home network from the internet.

Wireless Security

- We can secure and lock down your wireless router and devices to prevent “piggybacking” which is where people freely connect to your wireless network and use your internet for free and possibly are able to connect to your networked device. This can be a security risk and also slows down your network access. Most people are unaware that their home network is wide open for hackers and anyone to connect to. We can check your wireless security and if needed implement enhanced security and passkeys to prevent unauthorised users on your network.

Internet, File and Print Sharing

- If you have more than one computer or device and want to access the internet on all these devices we can enable internet sharing and enabled all your devices and computers to successfully and safely connect to the internet using the same internet connection. If you wish to share files, photos and videos with other members of the family, or simply between a desktop and a laptop, we can set up and protect your data. If you want to share your printer and be able to print from any devices in the house, we can network enable your existing printer if it has this feature, or install a print server. Having a wireless enabled printer enables you to have one printer shared amongst more than one computer and also be able to print from anywhere on the network in the home.

Gamers & Console Networking

- Now that games consoles can be linked together along with household computers and connected to the internet for gaming, we can set up and configure the consoles, network devices and routers to enable online gaming and browsing.

Network Storage

- We can supply and install network attached storage to your home network which enables you to store your media, such as photo and videos and share it with multiple devices in the house, or use it for backing up your data from your computers and laptops.

Structured Cabling Cat5/6

- We can install temporary or permanent physical network cabling in your home, to enable you to have high speed reliable internet and shared connections to different rooms in your home or outbuildings.

Remote Access your Computers

- Do you want to access you computers from your workplace or while on holiday?  We can set up and configure remote access software to enable you to do this, so you can access your files and emails wherever you are in the world with an internet connection.

Phone & Fax Extensions

- We can install temporary or permanent phone and fax extensions in your home, if you need a phone or internet point extending or moving to an another room or office, we can supply install and setup any PSTN phone extensions.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

New Hardware & Software Sales

Computer hardware and software sales for home customers

Purchasing IT hardware and software can be a time-consuming and bewildering task. With technology evolving all the time, specifications and compatibility issues can arise between your existing systems and anything new you want to buy. So when you need new hardware or software, we can help your choose from the hundreds of brands of antivirus software, computers, monitors, printers and any hardware of software you require at low prices.

We can provide informed, impartial advice helping you make the right choice for all your IT systems because we have experience with what works best. Our vast knowledge means we can source, supply and install the right products for you. We only use branded quality equipment such as Dell, HP and Toshiba to name a few and whether it’s a complete new laptop or custom built games computer to upgrade parts, software and peripherals for existing systems, we make it our job to select the most suitable products and solutions to meet your requirements and a budget to suit. We not only supply it all but if needed, we can provide an installation service. To see an example of what we can supply to you please see the list below:

Desktop Computers & Custom Gaming Systems

- As well as being able to supply all makes and models of off –the-shelf computers from branded manufactures such as Dell, HP and Acer we can also custom build your computer to a specification you require, giving any needed advise along the way.

Laptops, Tablets & PDAs

- We can supply all makes laptop and tablet computer, and advise on which is best to suit your needs and budget.

Keyboards, Mice & Controllers

- We can supply all types of mouse and keyboard, such as wired, wireless as well as games controllers through to bluetooth remote and multimedia controllers for home AV media systems.

Printers, Toners & Cartridges

- We can supply all makes and models of printer along with the relevant consumables, as well as spare parts.

Monitors & Projectors

- We can supply all makes and models of monitor & projector, whether it be small a small desktop screen or large plasma wide screens we can advise and source based on your requirements.

Speakers, Headsets & Microphones

- Do you want a surround sound system with Dolby 7.1 or just a new pair of standard computers speakers, no problem we can source these.

Scanners & Cameras

- We can supply all digital and SLR cameras, as well as web cameras used for video conferencing and online gaming. We can source all types and makes of scanner and document readers.

Operating Systems

- Do you require an updated Windows or similar operating system for your computer? We can supply all operating systems to match your requirements, we can then also offer a full installation and upgrade service to install your up to date software.

Games, Application & Utilities

- Need Microsoft Office or Photoshop? If you need a utility or application for a certain task, we can advise source a suitable title for you. Likewise, want games for your computer? We can source and supply the top titles also.

Components, Cables & Spare Parts

- We can supply any cables, spare parts and components such as graphics cards, memory, hard disks, and many spare parts for use with your existing computers and devices.

Insurance Quotes

- We can supply you with quotes for replacement equipment for an insurance claim, then continue on and purchase as well as a visit to your home to install and configure your new replacements.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

Hardware & Software Upgrades & Installs

Computer upgrades and installations for home customers

Whether you’re planning to purchase a new computer, upgrading and replacing old equipment or want your existing computer system tweaked to improve performance, we can cover all hardware and software installation and upgrades. Setting up a new computer can be a fairly daunting experience and if not done correctly can cause issues.

If your existing computer is getting tired and slow we usually can breathe new life into your hardware by upgrading some of its key components. We can expand its capabilities by upgrading and adding additional features which will increase the efficiency and productivity. Even if your system is fairly new, you may need a few enhancements for example; to accommodate your growing collection of digital photos, movies, files, or video games.

So whether you have new hardware; you want to use with your computer; you need help installing a new hard drive for more storage space in your existing computer; want more memory installed or you have purchased new software and you're not sure how to install it correctly? Don’t worry, take a look at the related services we can offer you below:

Installing New Equipment & Software

- It is always exciting when you get new equipment but users are often let down by the manufacturer through a lack of adequate installation instructions. We can make your life easier by coming to you and installing your new computers, printers and software or any other new equipment or alternatively we can also install parts or accessories you may have purchased to add to existing equipment such as monitors and speakers or software such as Microsoft Office.

Upgrading Computers & Laptops

- Very often, a simple upgrade can breathe life into your existing computer where you may have been considering a new purchase.  Our upgrade services offers sensible advice on any upgrades or accessories your computer may need.  Typical upgrades include; extra memory and storage, graphics cards, CPUs and DVD Writers to name a few. Software is also something else that may want to be upgraded. We understand installing, deleting and updating software can also be rather confusing and sometimes catastrophic and it is often difficult to know which items to uninstall and which of those to upgrade. We can cover all aspect of Hardware and software upgrade, from advice, supply and installation, below is a list of services on offer:

Configuration of Software & Hardware

- Any new and existing hardware and software can be installed, configured or upgraded, such as newer versions of graphics design software or office suites. We can first uninstall older versions and also download any new upgrades or patches that have been released since the software was released, bringing you up to date.

Operating System Upgrades

- The Operating System is the main underlying software that runs your computer. If you want to upgrade this to gain the newer and vast extra features of the more modern and up to date operating systems,  we can perform checks to see if your existing hardware can support the upgrade and if necessary provide hardware changes before performing the installation and ultimately the transition to the operating system.

Update Antivirus Software

- Making sure your antivirus and security software is up to date is a high priority, we can check it’s running the latest edition and functioning, thus to ensure you are fully protected for the latest attacks and virus’s.

System Patches & Updates

- Operating system and Windows updates or patches are important to iron out any security holes in your software which prevent hackers and malicious virus’s taking advantage of you and your computer. We can make sure all the latest and needed updates have been applied for your relevant operating system such as Windows to ensure it’s not vulnerable to any attacks which cause you problems, or worse still; issues leading to identity or credit card fraud.

Out of Space & Storage Upgrades

- Running out of disk space can cause your computer to crash or grind to a halt, you may also lose precious data as well and even worse still find that your computer will refuse to boot. When your hard disk is full or you wish to add more storage before it reaches its capacity, we can install new or additional hard disks or external storage to allow you to archive or transfer the data, freeing up and adding space.

Printer, Scanner & Camera Printer Install

- Whether you have just one computer or a small home network, you will probably want to install a printer, scanner or a digital camera at some stage. Whatever device you have purchased it will need connecting to your computer, or if new equipment has network capabilities, we can connect it to your network and share amongst other computers in your home.

Recycling & Disposing of old IT Equipment

- We can safely remove old and unwanted IT equipment either by recycling or deposing of in an environmentally friendly way. Your hard disks will be wiped to government standards so you can be rest assured your old data will be safely erased and unrecoverable.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

Virus & Spyware Protection & Removal

Virus and spyware removal and protection for home customers

It can sometimes be hard to tell if your computer is infected. If it is infected, there may be symptoms that are well hidden, others are more obvious. Don’t panic; if you suspect your computer is infected, try to avoid using it and call us. We can detect viruses and delete them, quickly and efficiently making sure they don’t return.

We can prevent you from being infected by supplying and installing prevention tools such as antivirus and anti-spyware programs which scan your computer and detect any infections and cleans or removes them before the infection spreads and causes problems or damage to files or the computer. For more information on the related services we can offer you please see the list below:

AntiVirus and Anti-Spyware Software

- Having up-to-date Antivirus and Anti-spyware software is a great way start to protecting yourself and your computer because these infections usually occur without you knowing. They can come from many sources, such as emails, the internet or downloaded files to name a few.  We can help with our complete Internet Security service which can put together a security package that meets your needs.

Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal

- Virus and spyware attacks are becoming more frequent and more serious.  Spyware removal and Malware removal is very tricky. We can remove all Adware, Malware, Spyware and Virus’s from any computer. Malicious software removal is very time consuming so we advise to collect, repair and return your computer saving you the hassle.

Pop-Ups & Hijacked Websites & Browsers

- Other infections occur through hijacked websites that download content when you view them. These sites then take advantage of exploits within your set up, usually a bug in the browser, to gain access to your system and install rouge software. Hijacked browsers are when your internet browser is infected and will always take you to obscene or websites that can infect you further. If your system has unwanted pop-ups you are most certainly infected with a malicious piece of software. If you have any of these symptoms please do not continue to use your computer and call us straight away.

Root Kit Removal

- Rootkits are extremely harmful, and usually go undetected by antivirus programs. Once infected by a rootkit, it allows the attacker to mask intrusion and gain root or privileged access to the computer and, possibly, other machines on the network, and use it to hack other networks and computers, making the attack to appear as if it was from you. We can detect and remove rootkits using special tools and utilities.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

IT Health Checks & Maintenance

Computer maintenance and health checks for home customers

Computers are much like cars and require regular attention or maintenance to keep them running at their best. A computer health check and regular maintenance could be the perfect solution. Over time temporary files build up on your computer, installing and removing applications, leaving behind unused files and folders and daily build-up of dust builds inside the computer call all reduce the performance of your computer.

We recommend that you have a regular computer health check twice a year to ensure you are getting 100% efficiency from your computer. A regular computer health check will also help to reduce computer repair needs, such as having to replace overheated / damaged parts or out of space hard disks. All health checks services are performed by one of our professional engineers and we protect your data and confidentiality at every step of the process. We offer many services which will enable you to get the best performance out of your computer, these are listed below:

NOTE: Some of the services may take many hours to complete so it is generally more cost effective to take the computer away using our collection and return service*.      

*Extra charges may apply

Health Checks

- We can perform a health check on your system to make sure that everything is running smoothly and how it should be. If you already have issues, we can determine the cause and we will inform you of any course of action needed, and once completed, can usually return your computer to an "as-new" condition without any expensive hardware upgrades or re-installation of the operating system.

Slow Computer

- Probably the biggest issue we deal with is a slow computer. You may have noticed already that your computer isn't as fast as it used to be. Over time you will find that your computer will start to run more slowly than when it was new. Generally this is not due to the computer hardware getting older and tiring out, but more likely caused by your system becoming clogged by unnecessary files, software and updates. We can run checks and optimise your computer so it runs in peak condition, our system health checks and relevant maintenance services gives your computer the attention it needs to once again allow you to work at peak performance.

Clean-up & Removal

- Computer systems can become clogged due to the constant installation of programs, internet browsing and general day to day use.  These processes happen gradually over a period of time so you don’t always notice. We can clean up and remove unwanted items to help speed your computer system to make it perform to the best of its ability.

>Out of Disk Space

- Running out of disk space can cause your computer to crash or grind to a halt. You may also loose precious data or even worse find that your computer will refuse to boot. Your hard disk fills up due to one of many reasons such as years of use, a virus, or an application of system process constantly adding files such as updates. Without the correct maintenance you could find yourself in the position of having no space left on your hard disk. We can do one of two things for you, firstly we can see what can be removed or archived, clearing some space. If this isn’t possible, th second option is to add external storage or replace the internal storage and reinstall and transfer over all the data from the old disk, to get your computer running again.

Preventative Maintenance

- Servicing your computer can help speed it up and also detect problems which could ultimately lead to complete failure and data loss. Doing regular preventive maintenance or servicing like you perform regular on a car will prevent any major problem from occurring which can lead to costly repairs or damage to your computer. We can arrange this regular maintenance for you, to an interval that suits your needs and budget.

Defragment & Error Checking

- Defragmentation is what occurs when continuous use of computer rearranges files across your hard disk in a random state. Over time the files are spread out with gaps and chopped into parts to fill these gaps, this eventually has an impact on the speed of your computer. Along with this, errors and corrupt sections of the hard disk can occur, either by old age or accidental damage such as banging or dropping the computer. We can check for errors and sometimes repair them without the need for replacement and we can defragment all your hard disks making sure they are running 100% error free and at maximum performance.

Valet & Fan Check

- Computers can overheat and when they do, damaged can be caused which is irreparable and expensive. They overheat because they tend to suck in a lot of dust which coats various components reducing the efficiency of the fans and cooling systems. If these fans and components fail due to age or dust, then your computer will degrade and then the damage occurs. We can do a full check of all fans and cooling components then on to an internal and external clean and valet of the computer to make sure all cooling and heat sink components are fully operational, to prevent damage and performance loss.

Tune Up & Optimisation

- We can use our experience and expert knowledge to configure your computers and devices to run at optimum performance. We can speed up the start up and shutdown of your computer, along with increasing the efficiency of how your computer works, by tuning and configuring settings, and if any improvements need to be made we can give you the relevant advice  and if needed carry out the work.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

File & Password Recovery, Backup & Wipe

Data, password recovery and backup for home customers

With the digital age we are in now, we all have lots of data including photos, videos and music, some of this data is precious and irreplaceable if it were to be lost. We have all lost important files, either by accident or through hardware failure.  The most worrying problem is when your computer or device fails to start and you can no longer get access to your data or a virus deletes one or more files or folders.

There is no need to panic as InSync IT can help you identify the problem and react accordingly to recover your data. Likewise, if you wish to prevent data loss either before or after an incident occurs, you can also look at our solutions to backup your data and prevent any future mishaps. All related services we can offer you are listed below:

File & Data Recovery

- Have you accidentally deleted a file or folder by accident?  Had a virus changed or deleted your files? We can attempt a file recovery on damaged, changed or deleted data, and if needed back this up on to a DVD or similar media.

Media Recovery

- Do you have an external hard disk, CD/DVD, a USB memory stick or a media card from your digital camera that is inaccessible or damaged? We can use our data recovery tools, to attempt recovery of your data from these sources.

Lost Password Recovery

- Lost your password to your computer, device, email or even your router? We can attempt to recover the old password. If we can’t we will reset and reconfigure any settings, to give you your secured access back once again.

Disaster Recovery

- Dropped your laptop or worst still, had a fire, flood  or burglary or similar disaster?  We can get you back up and operating in no time, from buying new equipment to recovering and transferring data from damaged equipment.

Data Transfers & Wipes

- When you wish to sell, upgrade or move to other equipment, we can successfully transfer any data from one point to another and check that 100% has been copied. We can then if needed wipe the data to government standards to prevent any recovery or misuse.

Hard Disk Failure

- When the physical hard disk has failed we try all normal methods of recovery and repair, failing this we attempt physical repair of the drive by replacing parts. Should this stage be unsuccessful we can then forward this to our hard disk specialists for recovery.

Operating System Failures

- When your computer or device doesn’t boot up or is dead, we can recover your data from your internal storage, and if needed transfer to other media so you can access by other means. If a repair is needed we can replace your faulty equipment.

Backing Up Data Onsite & Offsite

- Without doubt, the best way to avoid any data loss is to protect it.  All too often we deal with data loss after the event but there are some simple, cost effective solutions that remove the worry of data loss. We can back up your data to external hard drives, storage servers or better still back up your data securely online to the internet cloud where it will be offsite, so if anything happens to your data you will still have a mirror copy online. We can discuss all examples with you to find a solution that best suits you and your data.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

Safety, Security & Parental Control

Computer IT security and parental control for home customers

The internet has to be one of the greatest resources at our disposal but it is a sad fact that it is now rife with criminal activity because it has never been easier for your identity or information to be stolen. This may sound surprising but none of this is your fault. 

Most modern computers typically have built in firewalls but the criminals have the next step by exploiting the security holes in your Operating system or Internet Browser. There are millions of hazardous websites out there. They are always accessible and it is very easy to enter a gambling or pornography website whilst searching for another site, which is completely unrelated. We understand that this is genuinely not something that parents want their children to fall prey to.

We can advise and make everyone in the household aware of the importance of internet security.  Teach them to be vigilant whilst browsing and trust nothing. As well as advice we can install devices or software to help with safety, security and the protection of your children, equipment, identity and data, below you can read on the related services we can offer:


– Firewalls are a layer of security that sit between you and the internet and are a good way to help prevent attacks from hackers and criminals. If you haven’t already got an internet router then this is the best way to protect home computer whilst also sharing your connection with other computers in your home.  We can supply and configure routers with built in hardware firewalls, which will prevent you from being wide open to hackers. We also supply a range of dedicated software firewalls that have been designed for home use.

Identity Protection

- One worry these days is having our identities stolen. The more time you spend on line, the more important it is to keep your personally-identifiable information safe from identity thieves. We can supply and install software to help keep you safe from online threats and can also see if anything potentially suspicious may be running, thus preventing any possible identity theft.

Password & Biometrics

- Having passwords or fingerprint readers can add an extra layer of security. Most home users do not use any passwords as they can be a pain but they are also, in some cases, the only line of defence to your security. We can advise and setup new or stronger passwords and extra security layers on your computer, ensuring protection of your hardware and stored data inside and away from the home.

Data Security

- As well as making sure your identity and connection to the internet is safe, your personal data is also at threat should you not secure it. There are many ways to protect your files and folders from unauthorised access not just from the outside world but also including others in your home. You can separate your data form other members of your family in the home and secure the data so it cannot be viewed or seen. Backing up your data is also a good method of securing your data as in the event your machine does get attacked or stolen, you could lose your existing data on that computer, so it is important to back up your data to another source like an external storage device or online to the internet. We can advise how to protect your data and if needed implement solutions to make sure your data is protected and secured.

Internet & Activity Monitoring

- Keeping your children free from danger can be highly inconvenient; having to monitor and supervise children whilst they use the computer is difficult. We understand it is important to keep your family safe and being able to record, track and supervise your children’s activities whilst surfing the internet and is huge benefit to parents. We can install activity and monitoring software that allows parents to see what websites have been browsed, without having to be at the computer when your child is.

Parental Control

- As a parent or guardian, the use of the internet in the home can bring distress where security and safety is concerned. Adding parental control to a home computer or network can really offer you real peace of mind. It maintains an element of confidence that guarantees your family is fully protected whenever they browse the internet. We can install cost effective and highly capable software to ensure your children do not fall prey to criminal activities and will not be able to access dangerous and offensive websites by giving parents the ability to manage and control exactly what the children have access to.

Online Banking & Shopping Security

- Worried about computer security for your online banking and shopping? You are right to be cautious. Your computer may already be infected without you knowing. There are malicious programs and virus’s that capture everything you type including passwords or credit card numbers and send them to hackers and criminals. If you are unsure if you’re clean, protected and safe to start using your personal and credit card details on the internet, we can help put your mind at ease and supply and install everything you may need to make your online experience a safe one.

Physical Equipment Security

- We can supply many different types of physical security, such as security marking through to locks and chains for your equipment to help prevent theft.

Smoke & Fire Alarms

- We can supply and install simple smoke and carbon monoxide detectors inside your home, to help protect your family from fire or the silent killer; monoxide poisoning from faulty gas equipment.


– We can supply and install CCTV in and around your home, either connecting to a dedicated recorder, computer, home server or simply just to you existing TV, you will be able to see who is in the garden or at the front door, and if recording you will be able to call back events if anything should happen.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

Mobile Devices & Tablet Configuration

Mobile device and phone configuration for home customers

With the advance of mobile devices including the explosion of smart phones and tablets such as the iPad, there are a multitude of problems that users can run in to.

We can help with the initial set up and configuration of your new phones, devices and accessories for them as well as aiding users with any problems or questions they have relating to their mobile devices. Below is an example of some of the services we can offer to you and your mobile device:

Blackberry, Android,  Windows & Mobile Support

- There are many types of smartphone and mobile device on the market today, we can help with all make models and operating system of phone, we can advise on accessories or help with any problems, such as synchronising with your computer or transferring data such as music or photos from your phone.

iPhone, iPod, & iPad Configuration

- We can help you with your Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads and iPods along with all the surrounding gadgets that go together with them. Whether it’s to help you configure your device or you have a problem we are here for you to get the most out of your technology.

Tablet, PDA & GPS Devices

- We can help with all makes and models of tablet or PDA computers and other small pocket technology such as GPS devices for walking or your car.

Mobile Application Help

- With all these devices comes the vast array of applications that help you in your day to day life. Should you require advice or help with any applications, we can deal with all application queries such as install failures or buying advice.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

Multimedia, Sharing & Streaming

Multimedia sharing and streaming for home customers

Media Centres and streaming technologies represent the growing trend in home entertainment because they bring your entire digital life into a central and easily accessible device, right in the heart of your living areas. You can play media stored in any location, your home computer for example, and watch it on your television or home cinema.

Media Centres and streaming technologies have been designed to provide the user with a simple and easy way to browse and watch any type of digital media that they have collected over time. They provide the fun and convenience of the internet from the comfort of your armchair, no need to plug your computer into the television any more.

So whether you decide to watch recorded television, films or view a slideshow of your holiday photos stored on your computer or the internet, we can provide a media solution and surrounding equipment to meet your exact needs.

The main benefits of Media Centres are:

  • Watch Videos & Movies

    - Watch all your favourite DVDs or HD movies without the need to swap disks because you have your entire movie collection available instantly.
  • Listen to Music

    - Catalogue your MP3 collection and CDs so you can listen to any artist, album or genre.  You can also take advantage of the thousands of free internet radio stations.
  • Browse Photo Albums

    – All you photographs do not need to stay hidden on your computer.  Enjoy your memories popping up while you listen to music or simply view them together as a group.
  • Record and Watch Television

      – Watch television when you want to as it is possible to record and watch up to 16 channels from terrestrial, cable, satellite and even high-definition sources.  You can also enjoy your TV on the move because unlike some Satellite recording systems you can copy the programme onto your laptop and enjoy it on the move.
  • Enjoy Internet Content

    – You can now easily watch a range of internet content including, YouTube, iPlayer, Justin.TV, Google videos,
  • Backup and Store files

      – If your media centre has internal or attached storage you can save all you important files from your computer so if you Laptop or computer gets stolen or damaged all your files are safe.
  • Share your Media

    - With all your digital media stored in a central location, it is easy to share with everyone. So your recorded TV, Films, music and pictures can be enjoyed anywhere.

With all this in mind, below is what we services we can offer you:

Home Multimedia Centres & Systems

- We can supply and install a wide range of Media Centres such as Windows Media Centre Edition, Sonos and Squeezebox. We can also configure existing systems to be used, all working within you budget, we can transform your viewing experience. These systems will media enable your TV and entertainment systems, changing the way media is viewed and enjoyed in the home.

Home Servers

– We can supply and setup home media servers such as a Windows Home Server or similar products, which will enable you to store, share and stream your videos, photos and music, as well as integrating in to your home network, backing up your network computers and giving you remote access to your home network when away from the home and remote controlling your computers.

Home Multimedia Storage

- We can supply, install and configure different types of storage which will enable you to store and stream media such as photos and videos to your computers, devices or TVs throughout your home.

Photo, Video & Music Sharing & Streaming

- Do you want to display your holiday photos on the TV in the living area to show all your family on a slideshow, instead of them hiding away on your computers? Likewise do you wish to listen to your music collection or watch you movie collection in the garden or even the garage?  We can media enable your home to allow you to extend your stored media to TVs and other devices in and around your home.

3D, LCD, Plasma & LED TV Streaming

- Modern TV’s sometimes have built in media sharing and streaming capabilities. We can advise and configure your TVs to connect to your existing computer or any new technology, to enable you to take advantage of the digital age.

Video Senders & Streamers

- Another alternative to media centres is video senders and streamers, which transmit signals from a computer or other media device either via cables or wirelessly, to be able to watch in another room or multiple rooms. We can supply and install many types and models of these to fit in with your existing media and network infrastructure.

MP3 & Video Players

- We can help with stand alone or portable media players, whether it be help with configuring or loading media onto the device through to issues and problems.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

Website, Email & Telephony Solutions

Website, email and phone support for home customers

With the growing  access to many online and communication technologies available to home users, people are becoming more and more connected by the various options available to them. We specialise in many online and communication services for homes, from complete personal website design, setup and hosting to voice and internet and video conferencing.

We can provide a complete one-stop-shop for personal domain names, email and website design and hosting services and for that more personal communication we can get you connected using video conferencing services such as Skype. With the potential to use web cameras and dedicated handsets or microphones, to speak to people in any geographical locations, for cheap or even free, we can provide advice, supply and implement anything your require to get you connected. Please see below to find out what related services we can offer you:

Domain Name & DNS Registration & Administration

- Setting up a domain name can be a minefield. We will help with choosing a suitable domain name and organise a setup, either to reserve or use for personal websites or emails. Along with the initial setup, we can help with renewing, transferring, closing or even help selling  your existing domain, where we can deal with every stage. Once you have the domain name, we can administer your domain for your particular needs, such as FTP, Email or WWW, configuring the relevant name server records. If required, due to complexity of domain configuration, we can explain every step to you should you wish to then take control of your domain yourself.  We ALWAYS register the domains in the customers’ names, unlike most registrars.

Website Design & Maintenance

- Whether you want a personal website, blog or online CV for promoting your skills to prospective employers, we can design and maintain this for you. If you prefer, we can do the initial work of design  and build your website for you or even just simply provide a basic page then hand over control to you  to get you started. You can then edit and make changes to the website yourself.

Website & FTP Hosting

- We can supply and setup the hosting for your personal websites and FTPs on cost effective fast and reliable web servers which can then be, if required; maintained by us or yourself.

Social Media & Auction Website Help

- Want to buy or sell unwanted item’s on auction websites? Do you want to connect and chat to old school friends but unsure how to? No problem we can help! We can get you set up with an account on an auction site such as Ebay and show you how to buy, list and sell items. Facebook, Twitter and similar social media sites are becoming increasingly popular and are frequently used to keep in touch with family, friend or to generally network. We can set you up with an account and again show you how to use the website.

Email Domain Setup

- Having your own domain name offers you multiple email addresses based on your domain name. This allows you to have email addresses such as me@your This looks much more professional than using free email addresses such as Hotmail, Yahoo or those offered by your internet provider. We can purchase your chosen domain name for you, or we can transfer an existing name to our system. After that, leave everything to us, and we will manage the whole process for you.

Email & Webmail Configuration

- We can configure either your own domain email or your free webmail addresses to use Outlook or similar email client software hosted on your computer, this enables more control over email organisation and storage.

Email to Mobile Devices

- Want to receive your emails on your mobile phone or GSM enabled device? We can set up and configure this for you! So no matter where you are, you can send and receive emails to help you stay in touch and keep up to date. We can configure your SMTP, POP3 and IMAP email accounts from literally all email providers to any capable device.

Phone, Fax & VOIP Solutions

- We can set up analogue, digital and Internet based voice solutions for home users, whether it be a simple additional phone or extension for a fax machine through to setting up VOIP (voice over IP), used for cheaper calls utilising your internet connection, we can advise on and implement any solution that fits your needs.

Skype & Video Conferencing

- Do you have family abroad, or just like to chat to friends whilst being able to see who you’re talking to? We can supply and set up any hardware or software needed to get you on your way to being able to chat live using your internet connection whilst saving money. Skype allows users to communicate with people by voice, video, and instant messaging over the Internet. We can configure your existing landline telephones or integrate dedicated devices with or without use of a computer to enable you to gain the advantages of Skype, some being that Skype to Skype calls are usually free and calls to mobiles and landlines are charged at a lower rate than BT costs.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

IT Training, Help & Advice

Computer help, advice and training for home customers

Stuck with how to move files or rename files or want to know how to change your computer desktop layout?

From the smallest query to a full training session on Microsoft Office or even advice on buying a new laptop, we can give impartial friendly advice for all aspects of IT related questions or queries, as well as training sessions for many IT related topics and software.

We can offer the following:

General IT Advice

- We can offer general help and advice on all aspects of technology, computers and IT in the home. Our advice is impartial.

Buying Advice

- Not sure what laptop to buy or what software will be suitable for you, we can give all aspects of buying a device whether buying from us or sourcing yourself.

Software Training & Help

- We can offer training on all types of software, such as Windows help, or you want to know how to build or edit your own website, just ask and we can help.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

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