Why Choose InSync IT?

The simple answer is - we are good at what we do and are passionate about helping our customers get the most out of their technology! We are focused on providing the best possible IT support, services, consultancy and training to users in Oldham, Lancashire and across the North West and West Yorkshire regions.

How do we achieve this?

We believe that there are several key factors to consider when making a decision to choose your IT provider. Along with these key factors, there are also the finer details, all of which go towards making our relationship with the customer a solid and long lasting one.

Why Choose InSync IT

Whether you’re a home user, run a marketing consultancy, a golf club, or work in a school as an ICT teacher, you can rest assured that you'll get the right advice for you. We offer IT services in plain English, avoiding confusing technical language wherever possible. We see it as our job to make sure you don't have to worry about your IT.

To help make your decision, below is a list of our working practices what we call the "the 10 commandments." We adhere to these when working with any clients irrespective of size or location.

Excellent Customer Service

There is more to a job than just getting it done! There is also your experience surrounding it, from start-to-finish. 

We believe in providing a consistently professional and friendly service. Our reputation for quality is extremely important to us and we like to be known for our excellent customer service as well as our technical ability. We understand that our customers are not IT experts and they want things explained clearly in a language they can understand. Likewise we will listen to your needs, give you realistic costs and timescales for our work and offer focused choices.

All this leads to building strong relationships. We work in partnership to deliver sustainable business efficiencies using technology as the key enabler. Good relationships are what define us. We are passionate about our client relationships, and strive to reinforce them at every opportunity.

High Quality & Efficient Work

InSync IT pride themselves on carrying out jobs thoroughly and accurately and our engineers are well known for completing jobs to a very high standard of finish. We are methodical in our approach and take the necessary time needed to resolve any IT issue no matter how long it takes!  Above all, we do not leave jobs unfinished and will guarantee a solution every time!

Furthermore, we believe that work should be completed to the highest standard first time around, which in-turn prevents any prevailing problems in the future. Our extreme attention to detail makes the IT systems highly efficient, as these working practises negate the need for return visits to put right incorrect or rushed work, which ultimately will lead to loss of productivity.

We are very much aware that your IT infrastructure is integral to maintaining business efficiencies. InSync IT will take the stress and worry away from you, ensuring peace of mind, knowing that your IT systems are performing the best they can at all times and risk of downtime is minimised.  If there is ever a problem, you will know the necessary precautions, documentation and backups are in place to promptly get you up and running.

Value for Money

With us you will enjoy predictable, easy-to-budget, lower overall technology costs with no nasty surprises.  We offer fixed and flexible price packages to fit every budget. We understand that there are several factors to consider when deciding if a service provider is value for money. Essentially, we aim to add value so you are getting more than your standard service provider by offering a more detailed and personalised service.

We are not the least and certainly not the most expensive IT company in the area, but we do try and provide the best value for money in what we can offer. Wise people know “cheap can be expensive” in the long run. and that if you “pay peanuts, you get monkeys”. Excellent service, high quality work, highly skilled engineers along with a great price means unbeatable value-for-money.

The financial loss during downtime can often justify the cost of having a skilled specialist available to deal with the problem swiftly and effectively. Can you afford to be without your computers?

Ask us how we can cut your business IT costs and beat you current provider or quotes you have received.

Trusted and Reliable

Our company promise is to carry out all work in an unobtrusive and efficient manner.  We uphold high ethical standards, honest practices, communicate openly and ensure that your data is secured in a safe manner. We understand that we are in a position of trust and consequently treat the responsibility of our clients' confidentiality as of paramount importance. Over 90% of business comes from word of mouth recommendations which demonstrate the level of trust we have built up over the years. We are here to support you long term and build up solid trusted relationships.

CRB Checked IT Engineers

We also have CRB enhanced disclosures for that extra peace of mind.

We are extremely reliable and will always act upon all issues, queries and problems from the initial point of contact within agreed timescales; We do not make promises we cannot keep.

We will turn up on time and return emails or calls within agreed and reasonable timeframes therefore completing tasks to the best possible standard.

Fast Response & Resolution

We are strategically located one mile from the M62 and motorway network enabling us to respond quickly to any IT emergency, by being in close proximity to our clients. Time is money, so we have strict time planning and organisation in place to ensure that we are able to respond quickly to your IT Support issues and fix them fast minimising any downtime or disruptions.

Most problems can be fixed remotely, often within minutes, but we also have engineers that can be ready to visit site when needed both in an emergency or via pre arranged visits.

Skilled & Friendly Engineers

Our engineers understand people and business, not just technology. First and foremost, all our staff will act professionally and appropriately, possess excellent communication skills, be courteous and polite with a friendly and approachable demeanour. They are also passionate about completing tasks to the best of their abilities and are happy to help in all situations.

Our engineers have many years hands on IT experience, working in a wide range of diverse IT environments from domestic homes to large businesses. With a broad range of knowledge covering all IT situations, we have a considerable array of skills to draw on and can keep you up to date with the latest technology. With this in mind, they will also provide the necessary training with any new or more advanced technology as and when they arise.  

Since the majority of small businesses are unable to justify a dedicated onsite IT engineer of their own, InSync IT becomes an extension of your workforce and team, integrating seamlessly into your business, to fulfil any of your IT demands therefore having all the benefits of your very own IT team without the large cost. We also have a number of specialist partners and contractors that can be called upon to augment our existing skills and services.

Proactive Approach

We don’t simply wait for problems to occur! We are highly proactive in a number of ways: we install proactive 24/7 monitoring software on to all of our client servers, monitoring everything from disk space, antivirus protection, CPU activity to network speed. As a result, if there is a problem we are alerted and can act upon the issue before it affects productivity. This eliminates problems even before you become aware of them. We are a firm believer of the old saying "prevention is better than cure".

We can produce reports with recommendations and suggestions for improving the IT set-up in line with business requirements and budgets. No longer will IT get in the way of you or your team.

Flexible & Tailored Working

We don’t work 9 till 5, we work 9 till fixed, our highly skilled engineers will resolve your challenging computer support issues and we will keep working on your IT support issue until it is fixed. We are flexible enough to fit in with your daily routine, and visits can be prearranged in advance to a time and day which suits you best. If you prefer we can pick up any faulty equipment, repair it and then drop back off, again at a time to suit. As well as this there is an option of out of normal hours support should this be needed for your IT needs, meaning you can be rest assured someone is available at the end of a phone at all times.

With our highly tailored working and services, we understand that not all IT demands are the same so we allow you to define your own IT support experience that meets the needs of you at a personalised level of service, something which cannot be matched by our larger competitors.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Whether it is a fully managed IT solution, consultancy or hosting services to residential call-outs and large business installations that we are delivering, we have a disciplined and structured approach to our work.  We are your partners in business so we will always recommend strategic, well managed IT solutions that will boost your productivity, reduce costs and increase profitability.

10 Reasons to Choose InSync IT Support

The varied fixed or flexible range of IT support and computer services that we offer, our proven integrity and the experience we have gained over the years means that we are ideally placed to act as a "one-stop shop" for all individuals and businesses looking to reduce the burden of managing and maintaining their IT resources. From PCs to file servers, from virus removal to web sites, you can outsource your IT demands to us or we can supplement your own internal IT members and work alongside them.

We also offer an IT consultancy service to provide professional advice on your IT strategy, with the initial consultation of up to two hours free of charge and without obligation.

For further information on the services we offer, please see our IT Services section.

Latest Technology

It's our job to understand the technology, not the job of our customers. You will be informed about new technology that is relevant to you, the best way to approach technology and where you currently stand in relation to that.  You will be armed with all of the information necessary to make effective business decisions and make a clear plan for the future.

We actively use the latest branded technology and tools; you will get fast IT systems that you can rely on to better your business, backed by dependable professionals. You will forge ahead of the competition through better use of technology, lower overall technology costs and a more productive workforce. By leaving the IT to us, you can focus on spending time on other things or growing your business.

Have a requirement, interest or just a question to ask? Please call us on 0161 806 1188 to find out how InSync IT can help and improve your IT for you!