IT Support & Services for Business

For many small and medium sized businesses maintaining their IT infrastructure internally can be a real head-ache.  IT can be a daunting subject for many managers but especially so for SMEs where every penny counts. Contracting in consultants is a great way for businesses of all sizes to benefit from industry expertise without the need to employ specialised staff. Whether your business is spread across multiple sites, or concentrated in a single area of activity, in today's technology dependent economy, very little business can be transacted if your IT infrastructure fails.

IT Support Services for business customers

By outsourcing your IT support and service needs to InSync IT you can be sure that we will be continually assessing your IT requirements and focusing on providing tangible business benefits to our clients by implementing IT solutions that will positively and measurably impact upon the performance of your business. We deliver professional top class IT support and technology solutions to your business using skilled and friendly engineers that carry out all work to the highest standards, covering all aspects of business IT; from servers and networking to remote access to virus removal.

As well as supporting all of your IT Infrastructure we can help you minimise the risk associated with large IT change projects and installations and can help you make the most of your current IT infrastructure providing a valuable assistance and support when choosing vendors or dealing with multiple conflicting solutions.

InSync IT offer both short-term and longer-term consultancy, from a comprehensive range of tailored services and solutions with a host of benefits that other companies do not offer their clients. We keep everything all under one roof meaning that you only have to deal with one IT company; from your first steps into IT through to large scale IT change projects; we become your trusted IT partner. We deliver exactly what your business needs; effective, easy to manage technology that delivers real business benefits every time. This means less downtime, less wasted hours and more time to enhance business growth and move forward.

We will supply the day to day management and monitoring of your network, removing the need to waste any of your own or your staffs time in keeping track of and dealing with daily IT. By having a professional company handle it you will improve the performance and reliability of your network which in turn will allow your staff to perform their jobs with less interruption.

Clearly you may feel that if you have someone in house that is prepared to do these daily jobs then why would you want to pay someone else to do them? In reality, if you do not have a full time IT manager then it is very difficult to expect non IT people to assume responsibility for making sure on a daily basis that the backup has completed successfully, the antivirus software is up to date, people are not installing programs onto their machines that they shouldn't be, all of the machines have the latest updates and security patch's installed, there are no errors on the server indicating an upcoming problem and many more similar basic IT issues.

It is an unfortunate but common problem that many companies who rely on in house members of staff to deal with these IT tasks end up finding out the hard way when they lose data and only realise when they attempt to restore the lost information that the backup had not been working properly for the past month and therefore the data is lost. Under these circumstances, it isn’t reasonable to discipline the staff member because they hadn't realised that something was wrong?

We are aware that in some cases IT support has ended up with a reputation of being complicated and expensive. We like to think we are different; all of our engineers aim to break down problems into simple clear language so you can understand what is happening at every stage of the process. With this and through many years of experience in our field working in a large selection of diverse business environments, we are confident that we provide an unparalleled level of service to our customers and represent the best possible value for money anywhere and be certain that we can be of assistance with any aspect of modern technology and computing.

Most of our clients got in touch with us following word-of-mouth recommendation. They now join the many satisfied customers that have utilised our service. We look forward to hearing from you and exceeding your expectations too.

For full details on the type of services and support packages we offer along with the associated costs and benefits, please click on the relevant sections on the menu to the right. If you require further information or have any enquiry, please don't hesitate to contact us today by phone on 0161 806 1188, via the Request a Free Callback link or by emailing us directly on

Types of Support, Benefits & Costs

IT Services for Business - Types of Support

We are based in Shaw, Oldham just off the M62 and able to offer a fast, efficient and professional service to businesses in the surrounding area of the North West. With the ability to offer onsite (visits) and offsite (remote) support and services, we aim to provide you with the assistance you require in a timely fashion.

Our services can be obtained in one of two methods:

Offsite Remote

- With our remote support we can potentially cover anywhere in the UK providing the task can be completed remotely (see note below). We have trained and experienced engineers who can repair and resolve issues by connecting to your businesses servers and computers over the Internet to diagnose the fault and perform a quick resolution, without the need to visit site. All we require from you is a working internet connection.

To provide the offsite support we use remote tools software which is a secure service and provides us with a one-time only access to your computers upon the end users authorisation. You can read more about the remote support process and proceed to download the tools by clicking Remote Support on the top menu. If connecting remotely is not an option or not possible and we feel for the necessary resolution to your problem will be an onsite visit, then an engineer can be booked in for you at your request.

PLEASE NOTE: As mentioned above with remote support we can potentially cover any geographical area as long as you have a steady internet connection, but should a visit be required we can only efficiently cover certain areas which fall into our local catchment zones. Details of the areas we cover for onsite visits can be found in our Coverage Areas page.

Onsite Visit

- Wherever possible, support will be provided remotely via the phone, email or remote control software. In circumstances where it is impractical to resolve a support request remotely, an onsite presence may be required. When an onsite visit is required, which is generally for anything that cannot be done remotely or if we need to bring equipment to you, we aim to provide quick response for businesses in our catchment areas. Again details of the areas we cover for onsite visits can be found in our Coverage Areas page.

As well as site visits for problems and new equipment installations, we are able to offer regular or scheduled onsite visits to proactively maintain your systems and help prevent any potential problems which should be identified before they cause any business downtime.

Regular visits and maintenance will increase long term reliability and enables efficient resolution to any impending IT problems and over time productivity can improve significantly. We believe that face-to-face contact is the best way to get a true picture of the health of your IT. We are also able to tackle any issues individual users may be facing on-the-spot saving the need for one or more calls.

IT Services for Business - Support Package Types

We understand that each business is different and has individual IT requirements. As each client is unique, we offer a range of flexible professional business class IT support packages and contract or agreement types to satisfy every need and budget all supplied with a free package of great benefits which you can find out more about below.

Our support and consultancy packages are listed below along with the associated contract and agreement types complete with detailed explanations. Each can be tailored to your business and more than one can be combined to form a multiple support package.

Should you have any package or contract related questions or have other requirements please call us on 0161 806 1188

Fully Managed Support

– This top level package offers a fully managed IT support service that is perfect for small to medium businesses who require all of their IT needs to be outsourced.

This package incorporates all aspects of keeping your IT running efficiently and covers any issues that you may have; be it a hardware or software problem. By taking this most popular package, you remove all responsibility of the daily running of your network with the comfort of knowing that whatever problem or issue occurs, InSync IT will have it covered.

Included in the package is a comprehensive IT support solution delivering real time proactive support and monitoring, monthly reporting, regular housekeeping visits and IT strategy reviews to ensure your IT infrastructure evolves as your business needs change and develop.

The fully managed package can be tailored to cover as little or as much as you require, however assuming that you have opted for non-exhaustive support you can rest assured that all problems will be included. So if you want all your IT systems covered this package is the best option for you.

Supplementary IT Support

- What happens if your IT team are on annual leave ?  What happens if an important member of your IT helpdesk is on leave due to sickness? What happens when your internal IT team are just too busy and require an overflow mechanism ? What happens when your internal IT members are struggling with a certain area of your IT systems?

InSync IT offer supplementary IT support to cover your engineers in the event of absence, help with certain topics or to cover additional workload.  With over 13 years experience we have built up substantial knowledge in the implementation, deployment and maintenance of secure and reliable computer networks. When we take on a new customer we use all of this knowledge to provide the most pro-active and effective type of IT support possible, allowing us to quickly learn your network and all of it's associated system origins and eccentricities.

It's a common belief by management that their system is completely unique with bespoke systems in place and unique tools, which in most cases run the business.  We are glad to say that we've seen it all before and there is practically no system that we cannot learn, integrate with and take forward.

Remote Only Support

– Remote support is like having an engineer onsite working on your desktop. By using an internet connection, we are able to connect remotely to your computers, servers and systems to resolve your problems often negating the need to provide an onsite engineer.

Our remote support package is great for clients outside of our immediate local catchment areas. Which means businesses can choose our remote IT support based on service and expertise and not be restricted by geography.

InSync IT’s cost effective remote IT support package is perfect for small to medium companies who want a fast and efficient service whilst reducing on-going costs by only paying for on-site support as and when it is needed. Our remote IT support clients can receive all of the other benefits enjoyed by our fully managed clients at a lower cost by removing the on-site engineering portion of the package.

So when only remote support is needed or the majority of the required services and support can be remotely carried out, this package may be the desired option. If at any point an onsite visit its needed this can be obtained at an additional charge.

Server Only Support

– Some businesses have some technical know-how in-house and choose to use their knowledge in order to keep costs down. It is because of this that we also offer server only support.

Server maintenance and monitoring can be labour intensive. It also requires specific server knowledge and expertise. Server only support means that businesses can benefit from our daily monitoring and maintenance of their servers and leave computer management to internal resources.

Our server only support customers are happy that isolated computer issues can be resolved internally when resources permits. But they have complete piece of mind that the server that manages the infrastructure is monitored and fully functional. So if you only require support for your servers, both onsite and remotely; this package is ideal for you.

Monitoring & Integrity Support

– This support contract covers the monitoring of your servers and any other strategic IT components such as routers or your internet service status, where we perform proactive reporting of problems should they occur. We can monitor your internet and employee usage and activities under this type of contract, if you are having certain issues with a staff member. In any case with a monitoring contract we can report and pass on our findings to you so that you can take the actions required and if needed or instruct us to complete and carry out any necessary work.

IT Services for Business - Contract & Agreement Types

There are three main support contract and agreement types to choose. We will advise which of these flexible options will suit your business the best and therefore will enable you to define how you wish to receive our services while getting the most from your IT requirements and at a cost to suit your budget.

Insurance Contract

- Included with the insurance contract is full preventative as well as per incident IT support for your IT systems, covering problems; small and large across your covered IT Infrastructure. You will receive health checks and monitoring of the critical components, backups and devices to prevent any problems from occurring, sometimes before you even know. Your support is obtained by a choice of remote, email, telephone or onsite visit.

The monthly charge for the insurance contract is based on the amount of cover you require and what is covered. For example the amount of servers, workstations, network devices, users and other related variables in your IT infrastructure. A fixed price is then derived per month to provide unlimited support cover with the option of 4 different plans, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each with increasing amounts of support cover and features. Details of these 4 support plans are available upon request. We will monitor your IT infrastructure for changes and if any additions or removals are made, such as adding a new server or removing a computer, we will amend the monthly support contract charge to reflect these changes.

Non-support work, work on non-covered items or any work outside the scope of the contract such as consultancy, installations, new hardware and software or website updates will be charged at the discounted hourly rates. We will confirm before proceeding with any additional chargeable work and state any charges upfront so you can be in control. We also keep an eye on the time we spend with you. If we find you are seeing us regularly and we believe you would benefit from an amended or different support contract or agreement, we will let you know.

Any needed hardware and software is not included and is chargeable as an extra.

We also keep an eye on the time we spend with you - if we find you are seeing us regularly and we believe you would benefit from an amended or different support contract or agreement, we will let you know.

The advantages of taking out an insurance contract are:

  • Full Peace of Mind
    - Should the worst happen, you can rest assured that you are covered.
  • Reduced IT Support Costs
    - Because of the unlimited support you do not have to worry about out of control support costs.
  • Faster Response Times
    – Contracted clients have priority over ad-hoc non contracted clients.
  • Discounted Rates
    – Contracted clients enjoy reduced labour and other rates.
  • All insurance contracts are for a minimum of 3 months, on a rolling basis. Days are based on 7.5 hours. Larger contract periods can be purchased, such as 6, or 12 months. Please contact us for our offers on long term contracts over 12 month where you receive free support time.

Fixed Time Contract

– For small businesses with less than 10 computers a fixed time contract enables you to purchase blocks of time and allocate this to use our IT support and services to fulfil your requirements. These type of contracts are generally made available to smaller companies with a few computers and users.

Blocks of time are bought in half days and are based on a per month usage. The time can be used for any kind of IT issue or requirement, not just support. Examples such as projects, rolling out new systems or software or for assisting with reconfigurations and changes, even virus removals, there are no restrictions on what you can use the time for.

Should you over run on your allotted time, we will inform you and if you wish to proceed with the work it will be charged at our discounted hourly business rate. We also keep an eye on the time that we spend with you - if we find you are seeing us regularly and we believe that you would benefit from an amended or different support contract or agreement, we will let you know.

Likewise, should you not completely use up your time in any month; you can roll over the time for a maximum of one month. Should you accrue a large amount of time that is due to expire, we will inform you and you may use it for proactive maintenance or similar use.

Any needed hardware and software is not included and is chargeable as an extra.

The advantages of taking out a fixed time contract are:

  • No Restrictions
    - You can use your time for any services we offer without any restrictions.
  • Faster Response Times
    - Contracted clients have priority over ad-hoc non contracted clients.
  • Discounted Rates
    – Contracted clients enjoy reduced labour and other rates.

All fixed time contracts are for a minimum of 3 months, on a rolling basis. Days are based on 7.5 hours. Larger contract periods can be purchased, such as 6, 12 months. Please contact us on 0161 806 1188 for our offers on long term contracts over 12 months where you receive free support time.

Ad-Hoc Pay As You Go

– Many small businesses don’t want the commitment or cannot afford a fixed monthly contract and prefer the flexibility to pay for a service as and when they use it. For businesses that do not require routine support and have a limited IT budget or who are unsure of their exact needs, the flexibility of having support available 'on demand' is often the best way of ensuring that they can resolve any IT issues whenever they arise and with this agreement we can be there on a call. As an ad-hoc IT support customer, you will receive the same high level of service that contracted customer experience every day and you will be looked after by the same dedicated expert engineers.

Our ad-hoc PAYG support offers both remote or on-site 'on demand' IT services charged at a simple hourly rate*. The advantage of this being you know exactly what you are paying prior to us beginning any support. Clients only pay for the time actually used supporting their systems. PAYG Support can be used for any kind of IT issue or requirement, not just support. Examples such as projects, rolling out new systems or software or for assisting with reconfigurations and changes, even virus removals, there are no restrictions on what you can use the time for.

There are many reasons why a business may need our help on an ad-hoc basis, from simple one off repairs carried out on site or at our workshop, to covering temporary IT staff absences at your workplace.  It may be that you are starting a new business and need advice and installation of a complete IT setup, or relocating to new premises and need the move to go smoothly with no IT downtime.  You may benefit from experienced insight into ways to move your IT and your business forward, need solutions to day-to-day IT problems, or want a second opinion on your IT system – we can help with all these and more.

Our Ad-hoc support is charged per hour in half hour blocks*. It is very reasonably priced and we can normally give you a good idea of how much any particular job may cost.

Any needed hardware and software is not included and is chargeable as an extra.

We also keep an eye on the time we spend with you - if we find you’re seeing us regularly and we believe you would benefit from a support contract, we will let you know.

* Minimum charges apply.

Ad-Hoc support can resolve most of the issues that our contracts will deal with, the main differences with ad-hoc support are:

  • More Manageable Costs
    - With ad-hoc support you can manage costs as they arise - this is good for home offices or small businesses as you may only use our services occasionally.
  • No Preventative Maintenance or Monitoring
    - With our ad-hoc support we only work on your system when you tell us you have a problem, therefore we will never catch potential problems before they arise, for this reason we recommend ad-hoc support for companies that only run workstations - whereas companies that run server based systems we always highly recommend maintenance contracts.
  • Lower Response Times
    – We provide a high level of service to all of our customers, but if we have an issue with a contract client we will always aim to resolve that before any issues with ad-hoc clients - this is because we have a much greater obligation to our contract clients.
  • Non Discounted Rates
    – Ad-hoc clients do not benefit from the discounted rates so the hourly and daily rates are higher than that of our contracted clients.
  • Callout Charges
    – No Callout charges.

Extra Options & Changes

– As mentioned above all our packages and contracts can be tailored and extras can be added or removed, for example; if you want the benefit of having an insurance contract but require regular specific software installations, virus removal or website updates and want these to be covered in the unlimited support, then we can quote and arrange this. You can request additions or subtractions or indeed any changes to your support package, contract or agreement at any time**

* Onsite visits will incur a minimum charge.

** If already in a contract you can only downgrade or remove your options when your contract is due for renewal, but you may upgrade or add to it at any time and any addition costs will be worked out pro rata.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

IT Services for Business - Benefits

There are many benefits and extra features we offer with our services unlike most other IT companies, which we feel improves the whole process and experience. Here is a detailed list of them:

  • Excellent Customer Focus

    - You can be sure we will take care of you, your business and your employees. We have developed many strategies and processes directed to delighting clients and going far beyond satisfaction. Efficiency and reliability in carrying out work, the professionalism, friendliness and expertise of our engineers, how well we keep clients informed and the after-sales service we provide are by far one of the best in the field.
  • High Quality and Efficient Work

    – All our work is carried out to the highest standards, the attention to detail is a major part of building good business relationships, ensuring client satisfaction and repeat custom. An ‘above and beyond’ attitude is what we pride ourselves in.
  • Cost Effective and Easy to Budget Transparent Pricing

    – As our support and services have fixed charges and also the option to pay as you go, you can enjoy easily manageable costing for your IT support and requirements. Transparent pricing enables you to know exactly what the work you require is going to cost you up front, not when you receive the invoice. We can update you at any stage with costs.
  • One Off Solutions and Ad Hoc Work Undertaken

    - As well as contracted work for clients, we are able to offer one off solutions and work on an ad-hoc basis, this way you don’t have to commit. You can use this method to try us out if you wish, then move on to a support contract once you are satisfied with our service.
  • Unlimited IT Support

    – Our insurance support contracts come with unlimited IT support for a fixed monthly fee on support work. No matter how much you use, you won’t pay a penny extra for your support. No unexpected support bills and no nasty surprises!
  • Unlimited Telephone Access -

    You and your staff have direct access to our engineers via our telephone helpline or our online support services, we do not limit the amount of times you can call us.
  • Unlimited Remote Support Service

    - We do not limit the amount of times we use remote support with you, if you have relevant cover with us you are able to use our remote support as many times as required.
  • Included Onsite Visits

    - For all non-remote only contracts and depending on contract level, onsite visits are included as standard, if you have a contract that includes onsite visit with us, you will receive an allowance of onsite visits as part of the contract and within the time allowance set out in any timed contract, any additional time used or visits used over the allowance can be added extra.
  • Rolling Monthly Contracts with No-Tie-In Period

    - We believe our support speaks for itself. We don’t tie our clients in for long 6 or 12 month contracts because we don’t have to. Our clients stay with us because our support is second to none not because they are contractually obliged. We simply offer short term, rolling contracts that are very easy to understand; with no nasty, hidden charges in the small print.
  • Tailored Support Plans

    – We will customise a support plan that is tailored to your environment and meets and exceeds the specific needs for your technology management and support. So you don’t have unnecessary cover and likewise that you have everything you need included to be covered.
  • Proactive not Reactive Support and 24/7 Monitoring

    - For our contracted customers, the support is proactive, not reactive. Our advanced network monitoring solution will provide us with a real time analysis of your systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are there when you need us in an emergency but as we are always monitoring and maintaining your systems by ensuring your antivirus is up to date and security patches are installed, we aim to prevent those emergencies from happening in the first place.
  • Fast Response, Turnaround & Repair

    - We aim to provide a fast response. For IT emergencies that need fixing immediately, our fast response service has had a positive effect, allowing problems to be solved quickly, so you are not without your IT for long periods of time.
  • Easy and Secure Fault Logging System

    – In all circumstances, a support ticket reference should be obtained by the client and used when referring to a specific support issue. Support tickets can be raised via the online helpdesk portal, phone or by email. Using our online helpdesk logging portal via a secure login, you will be able to open, update and check the status of tickets relating to your company’s IT.
  • Dedicated and Qualified IT Engineers

    - Our highly skilled and qualified engineers have an intimate knowledge of each of our clients systems; we make it our job to get familiar with every detail of your IT infrastructure.
  • Reliable and No Missed Appointments

    - Using our reliable engineers, we will always turn up on time and stay in contact with you throughout the process with updates or any unforeseen changes.
  • CRB Checked Engineers

    – For your piece of mind we are CRB enhanced checked.
  • No Call Centres

    – You do not have to deal with call centres our phone lines are direct and you can speak to the engineers who deal with your systems directly.
  • One Point of Contact

    – As we can deal with all aspects of your IT infrastructure, you don’t need to deal with more than one IT company, even if we need to call upon one of our support partners you will still only need to deal with us.
  • Visits and Times to Suit You

    - Within our normal working hours should you require a visit, we arrange time to suite you and work around your day. We can also arrange out of hours times too if required.
  • Regular and Scheduled Visits

    – If needed we can arrange for regular arranged visits, so you can plan your It requirements and fit them in around your business needs as well as proactively maintaining your systems.
  • Free No Obligation Quotes

    - We never charge for any of our quotes or estimates for equipment or work to be carried out. Call us now on 0161 806 1188 to see what we can do for you.
  • Competitors Price Matched or Beaten

    - If you have already received a quote from a competitor, why not try us. We aim to price match or beat any genuine quote as well as giving you more benefits too.
  • No Hidden Charges

    - The price given is the price paid, there will be no hidden costs, and we will keep you informed of any charges applicable to you, before continuing with any work.
  • No Standard Call-out Charge

    - There are no charges for call-outs during normal standard working hours for all our customers. Call-out charges only apply outside the normal working hours and outside our normal catchment areas A, B & C. For call-outs an onsite visit is required and for these we only apply a minimum charged amount of time which includes the time to do the work.
  • Emergency Callouts

    1 - We can offer emergency callouts for those moments that require to have a higher priority that a normal callout.
  • Out of Hours and Weekend Work

    1 - Should you require evening or weekend work either remotely or via an onsite visit, we can arrange this if needed at a time to suit you.
  • Collect and Return Service

    1 - Have a computer problem and can’t hang around? We can come out to you as normal but instead of providing you with an IT repair solution onsite; we simply collect your server, computer or either from your workplace or other location.
  • 30 Days Warranty on all Work Repair Carried Out

    2 - We cover all work carried out for 30 days from completion for your piece of mind. If a same exact problem reoccurs we will not charge for the re-repair.
  • Computer Parts at Trade Prices

    - Our trade relationships with suppliers enables us to get low prices and in turn pass these on to you, ensuring you get more value for money for your IT purchases.
  • Help and Advice –

    We are not just here to keep your computer systems running smoothly. We know lots about computers and how to use them to their full capacity. We are more than happy to share this knowledge with our Business clients. We will be delighted to offer you as much advice and guidance as you need on getting the most from technology to either drive your business forward or to have an easier life, or both, depending on your goals.
  • Fully Managed Backup System (optional)

    - We can provide a range of high security, fast restore back-up solutions including a fully managed back-up service for total peace of mind.
  • CSCS & Health & Safty

    - We hold industry recognised Construction Skills & Health and Saftey cards.
  • Public & Indemnity Insurances

    - We hold all relavant Insurances for your peace of mind.

  • 1 Extra charges may apply and subject to availability.
    2 Excluding 3rd party, hacking, virus and spyware related issues.

IT Services for Business - Rates, Extra Costs & Payments

All our charges and rates information is located in the About Us section.

If you require further information on our pricing, charges or require a quotation, please don't hesitate to contact us today by phone on 0161 806 1188, via the Request a Free Callback link or by emailing us directly on and we will be happy to help.

Hardware & Software Support

Computer hardware and software support for business customers

When you run a business, any delay to servicing your customers caused by IT failure or inefficient systems is a headache and distraction you don’t need. Hardware and software is the backbone of any IT system and they are vital to every modern business, small or large. However, all too often, businesses that do not keep their infrastructure maintained find out the hard way.

This is why on-going maintenance and administration is essential to limit the amount of downtime and reduce disruption. Keeping your IT Systems operating at their best performance and having reliable computers via regular site visits or routine maintenance of your company’s IT infrastructure will improve your employees' efficiency, your company’s production and ultimately reduce overheads within your organisation.

InSync IT provides multi-vendor hardware and software support, including all makes, model and types covering servers, workstations, laptops, network equipment, printing devices and other related IT equipment or software within your business. Whether this is for existing systems or new systems, we specialise in troubleshooting, servicing and repairing a wide variety of hardware and software-related server, computer, related equipment and user issues or problems. From failed hardware components, software bugs and driver incompatibilities, to virus & malware problems, network connectivity problems, operating system problems, and re-building computers.

Administration and configuration of your systems is also of major importance in your business. Tasks such as adding new users and email addresses, through to configuring server scripts and files and folders are required to keep your business operational. We cover all aspects of administration and configuration on all hardware and software in your IT Infrastructure.

To see the services we offer to get the best performance out of your IT systems, see below:

Active Directory Support & Administration

– InSync IT has extensive experience in designing, planning, implementing and supporting Active Directory infrastructures for customers ranging from a handful of users to multiple locations consisting of numerous organisations and many hundreds of users. InSync IT can maximise your Active Directory network, we can efficiently manage users, computers, groups, printers, applications, and other directory-enabled objects either remotely or onsite.

Server Support & Administration

- A server is at the centre of any network infrastructure, therefore IT support and quality IT services is crucial for any business. We will ensure that the server is maintained and administered correctly, from monitoring event logs and ensure optimum performance through to resolving server problems such as crashing or disk problems. Also we take a proactive approach along with monitoring your servers in order to eliminate any minor problems before they escalate and cause any serious problems.

Workstation Support & Administration

- As well as server support, your workstations are equally as important to maintain and support. Maintaining your desktop or laptop computer system can be a headache for the smallest of businesses, InSync IT use a combination of telephone, e-mail and remote support tools to provide clients with whatever level of service is required.  This can be from, adding hardware,  or connectivity problems, through to ensuring the workstation is running as it should, virus and error free, whatever the need we cover all requirements.

Computer, Laptop & Server Repairs

– We can repair all problems with all makes of server, computers, laptop and related devices. Whether your server or device is completely dead, will not boot because it keeps restarting or is not running as it should, maybe you have broken your laptop screen? These are common issues that we can resolve quickly to get your equipment back to perfect health. We will give you a full quotation and discuss the best course of action for you before any work is carried out.

Software & Application Support

– Employee productivity today relies heavily on access to the right applications and the right data. When software becomes inaccessible or fails, employee productivity plummets. Our software support covers all applications including the operating systems, so if it’s a Sage, Antivirus, Windows or similar application causing issues or requiring upgrades, then we can easily resolve or find a solution.

Preventative & Routine Maintenance

– Servicing your IT equipment regular can help maintain efficient operation and also detect problems which could ultimately lead to complete failure and data loss. Doing regular preventive maintenance or servicing like you perform regular on a car will prevent any major problem from occurring which can lead to costly repairs or damage to your computer. We can arrange this regular maintenance for you, to an interval that suits your needs and budget.

Virus, Malware & Rootkit Removal

– Virus and spyware attacks are becoming more frequent and more serious. Spyware removal and Malware removal is very tricky. We can remove all Adware, Malware, Spyware and Virus’s from any computer. Malicious software removal is very time consuming so we advise to collect, repair and return your computer saving you the hassle. Rootkits are extremely harmful, and usually go undetected by antivirus programs. Once infected by a rootkit, it allows the attacker to mask intrusion and gain root or privileged access to the computer and, possibly, other machines on the network, and use it to hack other networks and computers, making the attack to appear as if it was from you. We can detect and remove rootkits using special tools and utilities.

Fault Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

- We can resolve small problems to more advanced problems, using our experience, diagnostic tools and troubleshooting. Maybe you’re having login issues, getting an error message on the screen or something isn’t working as it should, please give us a call and we advise on and find a solution to your problem.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

Network & Communications Support

Computer IT network and networking support for education and school customers

A robust, reliable and secure computer and communications network is essential in today’s IT environment.  The data network must support internet, voice and video communications, closed circuit televion, security systems and more, upping the ante for network performance. At the same time, the need to support satellite offices, remote workers and the advance of mobile and internet technologies has made network availability essential and critical while keeping everything secure. Organisations simply cannot afford network bottlenecks or downtime so having the right IT network in place is the first step to improving efficiency and unlocking business potential.

InSync IT provides a full range of network and communication support services designed to meet these business imperatives. Our qualified and experienced engineers have the expertise to complete network assessments, infrastructure design, project management and implementation, along with on-going operational support. More importantly, InSync IT helps ensure that the network infrastructure can support mission-critical devices, applications and services, including internet speeds, VPN links, IP-based voice networks and video communications.

If you already have an IT network we can assess how securely and efficiently your current system is performing. We can then identify ways your system could be improved and implement those improvements for you. Alternatively if planning and implementing an IT network from scratch, we can design, supply, install and implement every detail of your IT network whatever your requirement or size of your company. Whether you simply want two or more computers to share a printer or require to be connected to the internet through to needing a fully networked computer system with separate servers to store your files and emails, we can take care of every detail and requirement.

Please see below to find out what related services we can offer you:

Network & Wireless Design & Configuration

- Our engineers are skilled in designing and installing a wide range of networks on different operating systems. Whether wired or wireless on a LAN or WAN, the data network is the backbone of your IT system. Poor networking results in poor performance and data loss. We work closely with our customers to provide an IT solution that is designed to meet your current needs and is capable of being upgraded or expanded as your needs change in the future. From installing and configuring wireless access points, re-patching computers and phones or configuring a network printer so everyone can access it, no matter what your network related issue we can fulfil all your requirements.

Network & Wireless Security

– We can secure and lock down your wireless router, access points devices to prevent “piggybacking” which is where people freely connect to your wireless network and use your internet for free and possibly are able to connect to your network. This can be a security risk and also slows down your network access. Most people are unaware that their network is wide open for hackers and anyone to connect to. We can check your wireless and network security and if needed implement enhanced security and passkeys to prevent unauthorised users on your network.

Network Storage

- We can supply and install network attached storage to your business network which enables you to store your company data, mirror files and folders for redundancy , or use it for backing up your data from your network.

Network Devices, Routers & Switches

– With any network infrastructure there is network hardware, such as switches, routers network cards and wireless adapters, we can supply, install and configure all your network devices to enable business connectivity and security. Furthermore, we can maintain and support these devices to ensure performance, network uptime and reliability.

Internet Connection Installations Upgrades and Support

– Should you want your business connected to the world via the internet to gain all the benefits and to enable communications and internet connectivity, we can arrange the whole process for you. Alternatively if you already have an internet connection and are having problems such as slow, intermittent or disconnecting, we can resolve issues with your current connection and if needed, upgrade your connection.

VPN & Point To Point Links

- As a business grows, it might expand to multiple shops or offices across the country. To do this links between the sites may be needed, VPNs (virtual private network) and other point to point methods can be encompassed using the internet and mobile connections. We can install and maintain these wide area networks between offices and remote locations used by home workers or traveling employees like salespeople to connect to the business resources, ensuring reliability and security while still keep performance and keeping the costs to a minimum.

Blackberry & Mobile Email & Messaging

– Blackberry and other mobile devices such as iPhone’s and smartphones or tablets are a pocket-sized wireless solution giving you easy access to your e-mail, company Intranet and the Internet. It's always connected and your e-mails find you automatically. We can integrate these devices with your business e-mail, calendars or notes, providing you with a wireless and mobile extension of your Microsoft Outlook or email system, so you can keep connected and up to date while away from the office or on the go.

Phone, Voice & VOIP

– Effective communication with your customers and suppliers is vital to any business. No matter what business you are in, the above statement still holds true today, and despite the recent advent of email and the Internet for communicating, voice still remains an essential communication platform for todays businesses. InSync IT can advise on your existing systems, and install new or upgrade your existing voice and mobile systems, encompassing the latest internet or wireless communications and VOIP (voice over IP) technologies and can install support and maintain the related voice cabling, networks and hardware. We can acquire specific numbers for your company such as 08 numbers and can setup switchboard services to answer and forward your calls to your mobile.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

Web & Email Presence

Website maintenance and email support for business customers

Often small & medium businesses with great services or products to offer fail to make the most of their Internet presence because of a naïve approach to web, email and general online marketing. We offer a complete range of services and solutions to establish or improve our client’s online presence; be it from scratch or building on an existing foundation.

We specialise in many online exposure enhancement and related services which will push your business and give it the exposure it needs to enable you to climb to a more profitable level. Services including complete website design, setup, maintenance and hosting through to domain name registration, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, can be implemented. Please see below to find out what related services we can offer you:

Web Design & Maintenance

- Whether you want to amend and existing website or want to publish your business on the internet and would like a new website, we can design and maintain this for you. If you prefer, we can do the initial work of design and build your website for you or even just simply provide a basic page then hand over control to you to get you started. You can then edit and make changes to the website yourself.

Domain, DNS Registration & Maintenance

- Setting up a domain name can be a minefield. We will help with choosing a suitable domain name and organise a setup, either to reserve or use for corporate websites or emails. Along with the initial setup, we can help with renewing, transferring, closing or even help selling your existing domain, where we can deal with every stage. Once you have the domain name, we can administer your domain for your particular needs, such as FTP, Email or WWW, configuring the relevant name server records. If required, due to complexity of domain configuration, we can explain every step to you should you wish to then take control of your domain yourself. We ALWAYS register the domains in the customers’ names, unlike most registrars.

Email Signatures, Advertising & Marketing

– Email is a great way to advertise your business and make potential customers aware of what you do and where you are located. Whether it be a simple footer or signature on your email through to an email newsletter, we can help design and implement a solution for you. We currently offer an email marketing service which allows you to design and send your own email campaigns from 100 - 1000000 emails per month can be handled by this service, sending to your own personalised contacts lists. The system offers feedback and statistics based on how many recepients have opened the email or what links they have clicked, it also offers unsubscribe and auto contact list bounce removal.

Google Analytics

– Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to your website. Google Analytics makes it easy for you to track and analyse data about how people are getting to your website and what's performing well. We can advise and setup this so you can study the reports generated and if needed make any amendments and improvement to increase your website traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation

– We can advise and implement on search engine optimisation, which will improve your ranking within common search engines on the internet and in turn, increase the presence and awareness of you companies website on the web.

Social Media & Networking

– If you're business hasn't embraced social media networking as a major component of your success strategy, its due time to hop on board. InSync IT can set up with an account on a sites such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and similar social media sites

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

New Hardware & Software Sales

Computer IT hardware and software sales for business customers

Purchasing IT hardware and software can be a time-consuming and bewildering task. With technology evolving all the time, specifications and compatibility issues can arise between your existing systems and anything new you want to buy. So when you need new hardware or software for your business, we help you choose from the hundreds of brands of anti-virus software, PCs, monitors, printers and any hardware of software you require at low prices. We can provide informed, impartial advice helping you make the right choice for all your IT systems because we have experience with what works best. Our vast knowledge means that we can source, supply and install the right products for you.

We only use branded quality equipment such as Dell, HP and Toshiba to name a few and whether it’s a complete new laptop or new server to upgrade parts, software and peripherals for existing systems, we make it our job to select the most suitable products and solutions to meet your requirements and a budget to suit your business. We not only supply it all, but if needed, we can provide an installation service. To see an example of what we can supply please see the list below:

Computers, Laptop & Servers

- As well as being able to supply all makes and models of off –the-shelf computers and servers from branded manufactures such as Dell, HP and Acer we can also custom build your servers and computers to a specification you require, giving any needed advise along the way.

Network Devices

– We can supply all makes and models of a vast range of network devices such as routers, access points, hubs, firewalls, network cards, cabinets, network storage, patch leads and any related network accessories.

Printers, Scanners & Copiers

– We can supply all makes and models or printers, from small desktop inkjet printers to larger lasers printers with multifunction capabilities. We also are able to single function devices such as scanners, photocopies, and fax machines.

Peripherals & Accessories

– We can supply all makes and models of a range of peripherals and accessories such as, cameras, monitors, speakers, KVM, projectors, mice, keyboards and much more. Whatever your needs we can advise and source based on your requirements.

Toners, Cartridges & Consumables

- We can supply all makes and models of printer consumables and spare parts.

Components, Spares, Cables & Adaptors

 - We can supply any cables, spare parts and components such as graphics cards, memory, hard disks, and many spare parts for use with your existing computers and devices.

Licensing & Renewals

– Licensing can be a complex and time consuming issue with an organisation. InSync IT can provide you with accurate licensing quotes and subsequently manage your renewals so you have an easily manageable software estate, ensuring you stay within the law and don’t fall foul to heavy fines accompanied with unlicensed software.

Operating Systems

– Do you require an updated Windows or similar operating system for your computer or server? We can supply all operating systems to match your requirements, we can then also offer a full installation and upgrade service to install your up to date software.

Application & Utilities

– Need Microsoft Office or Photoshop? If you need a utility or application for a certain task, we can advise and source a suitable title for you.

Insurance Quotes

– We can supply you with quotes for replacement equipment for an insurance claim, then continue on and purchase as well as a visit to your business to install and configure your new replacements.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

Consultancy, Installations & Projects

Computer IT consultancy, installations and projects for business customers

There’s no escaping it. Technology is a necessity in today’s business world, and critical to your corporate success. Using the latest technology trends that fit your business environment and keeping your infrastructure up to date, drives your business to be more profitable, productive, and competitive. InSync IT offer professional consultancy, installation and project management services for small to medium sized businesses looking for fair and impartial help, advice or solutions on all aspects of improving and expanding their IT Infrastructure & Technology.

Embarking on a new business IT project or installation is a daunting prospect without a team of experts to support you. You need to know that your IT system will meet all the requirements of your business today whilst ensuring that, as your business grows, your system will grow, too, and that any on-going IT support and maintenance costs remain low.

Whether you're looking to deliver a one-off IT project; guidance and advice on an existing or proposed IT development; are considering a complete new server or hardware installation or infrastructure upgrade or just need one or two extra pairs of hands to meet a deadline or cover staff on holiday, InSync IT can cover all these requirements.

Our consultancy services and solutions ensure your company's IT requirements and projects are delivered on time and within budget and if needed, with phased switchovers to minimise the impact on your day to day business operations. Also when equipment is used, we use only leading IT software and hardware manufacturers but we are equally happy to work with your own preferred brands and suppliers if required.

So if you require our consultancy or installations services you can find out more about what we have to offer below:

Computer & Workstation Installations & Upgrades

- You may be starting in business and not have any IT Infrastructure and require one or more computers or your replacing your existing computer or upgrading the hardware and software in your existing computer. We can help you in any of these situations.

If you are looking to purchase a new computer then we can discuss with you your exact requirements and then put together a computer specification that can exactly match your business needs. Alternatively if you are considering increasing the performance of your existing computer with an upgrade; this could be a memory upgrade or storage capacity upgrade, then we can supply and install any internal or external hardware device on your desktop or laptop computer.

InSync IT can provide advice and implementation for all manufacturers of hardware as well as OEM or built computers, along with all software and operating system platforms such as Window XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and more. All data can be migrated from the old equipment if needed and the old equipment disposed of or recycled and the data on them safely destroyed.

When installing, upgrading or replacing systems, our engineers are expert in performing parallel installations with phased switchovers to minimize disruption and downtime wherever possible. On completion our engineers will thoroughly test everything and make sure all applications and data are present necessary and spend time with the end user to help familiarise them with the new solutions.

Server Installations & Upgrades

- A server is at the centre of any business network infrastructure, therefore choosing and implementing the correct hardware and server platform is essential. Whether you’re considering implementing your first server or an additional server such as a new file or email server, or embarking on a server virtualization project to consolidate servers, as experts in small and medium sized business IT systems, we can confidently carry out server installations and upgrades.

If your existing server is slow, or no longer able to meet the needs of the business, rather than replacing the whole system, upgrading either the hardware or software platforms might be a better alternative. Also, if your existing server software platform no longer provides the functionality needed by your business, we can provide sound advice regarding server software and migration of IT services plus data and staff on to new servers and platforms, without unplanned IT service outages.

If a new or upgrade server Install is the route you believe will work for you then we can help. We would be able to come and visit you to share with you our wealth of knowledge we have built up over the years. Server Updates are needed on a regular basis to keep your server up-to-date. Obvious though this is, it is surprising how many businesses leave this until something goes wrong and then fire-fighting is required. This is something we advise on and aim to prevent.

Server software including Windows Server, Small Business Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server and Terminal Server are some of operating systems and applications we provide, install and commission successfully on both physical and virtual server platforms such as VMWare.

Software Installation & Upgrades

- If you have just purchased, or are considering purchasing some new software for your business and you aren’t sure whether it will work or how to install it. Or maybe you need a software package upgraded or reinstalled? Do you just need advice on which software package to choose for your particular requirements? Then we can help! We offer a software installation service that will take the confusion and stress out of getting your new software up and running on your computer.

We will ensure that all software is installed correctly and that it is compatible with your operating system, in addition will carry out any software updates required.

If your operating system needs upgrading or reinstalling, we can back up all your data prior to the process, personal documents, pictures and emails all can be recovered and restored after the operating system is installed. We backup your system before making diagnostic checks, updating where necessary and uninstalling software that can potentially lead to an unstable computer.

Our main objectives are to deploy our software solutions quickly, at reasonable costs and with minimal disruption to your business.

Installing, deleting and updating software can be rather confusing and sometimes catastrophic – it is often difficult to know which items to uninstall and which of those to upgrade.

Printer & Peripheral Installation

– InSync IT can install and configure any printer or peripheral along with the drivers and included software. With items such as, Printers Tablets, Scanners, Faxes and modems, Dual Monitors, Digital Cameras and many more, our engineers are trained to perform various setup and configuration services for almost all the types of peripheral which are available at this point on the market. Training and walkthrough will be provided after installation of the new equipment, to help the end user familiarise themselves.

Office & Equipment Moves & Relocation

– When you need to move some or all of your IT systems from one location or site to another, InSync IT understand the complex process of IT relocation and that it takes careful planning and testing to ensure a time efficient and successful relocation of your company’s IT equipment. We provide our computer support and transport resources to work together with your business to ensure a seamless transition. We move IT equipment safely and securely; servers, cabinets, desktops, monitors, whatever you need relocating, we can aid you in every step of the way. Following the relocation, we will test everything to confirm the equipment in functioning correctly and that it has been reconfigured correctly upon re-commission. We will be on site to implement and supervise every aspect of your move to guarantee your company needs are met. Moving is also an ideal time to carry out upgrades, should anything such as extra network points or a new internet connection  be needed for example. Rest assured InSync IT can handle this for you as well as disposing of your old unneeded IT hardware.

Migrations & Roll-Outs

– IT migrations and roll-outs such as new computers, new servers or network upgrades can be a time consuming and costly process. There are so many risks involved from equipment failure to unscheduled downtime or loss of system availability, that most people tend to put off these important upgrades until the last minute or even after it’s too late. InSync IT has an experience with a wide range of migration and rollout projects in many environments, and have the knowledge to ensure they are conducted in a smooth and prompt manner, avoiding any disruption to your working environment.

Project Management

- Our engineers have a great deal of IT project management experience that can be utilised if these skills are lacking within your company. Coordinating large numbers of separate stages to ensure that your project is completed on time is not an easy task. Simply ensuring that hardware and software is ordered in time for the network build is no easy task for those not used to it. With experience of hundreds of projects we can work to very tight deadlines if your project needs to be completed quickly.

Infrastructure Review & Refresh

– For many small to medium businesses, your IT infrastructure is essential to the day to day operation of the business, driving and facilitating business processes. There are a variety of reasons why businesses seek to review or refresh their infrastructure. Their systems may simply be out-dated. The shape of their business may have changed, following a corporate reorganisation, expansion, relocation or they may wish to take advantage of new technologies to consolidate or reduce operating costs. Whatever the reason, InSync IT work closely in partnership with Clients to design an IT infrastructure that is specific to their organisation and their evolving needs.

Licensing Checks & Reviews

- Licensing can be a complex and time consuming issue with an organisation. InSync IT can provide you with accurate licensing quotes and subsequently manage your renewals so you have an easily manageable software estate, ensuring you stay within the law and don’t fall foul to heavy fines accompanied with unlicensed software.

Server Virtualization & Consolidation

- Virtualization is one of the strongest trends in the IT industry at the moment. Server virtualization allows users to maximize physical resources in the most efficient way possible. Server virtualization functions by running multiple, independent, virtual operating systems on a single computer. InSync IT can save you money by consolidating your servers, cutting unnecessary costs such as hardware purchase and power savings and all while improving the efficiency and availability of your IT, as more servers can be added instantly at the click of a button, without the long process of setting up a new physical server. There are many benefits to consolidating your servers, please call to ask us how virtualization can fit into your business.

Design & Documentation

– We are able to design any system, procedure and stationary related to your IT Infrastructure, perhaps you want a new backup plan and all related paperwork or want  technical documentation, system specifications or site information such as username and password information, IP addresses and any important information relating to your IT equipment or network. Whatever your needs we can design and document these for you.

Auditing & Asset Management

- We appreciate how important it is to understand your full IT resource inventory; what you have, where it is and how it is being used. Working to your requirements we will visit site, in or out of office hours, to methodically record the details required. All IT assets can be tagged with a unique identifier as part of an asset register. A comprehensive report, produced to your specification, is then provided to you and any recommendations are made, such as notifying on unlicensed or illegal software, old or broken hardware or anything that may require an update or upgrade.

Digital Signage & Office AV

– Digital signage is being used by organizations in a wide range of businesses. With digital signage organizations are able to promote and sell products via engaging interactive and large  in the reception of their offices. Other users include real time business application displays such as team target or call queue information. InSync IT can help customers gain the competitive advantages of this technology, by advising on and installing the relevant equipment.

Equipment Removal & Recycling

– InSync IT covers all aspects of waste IT equipment disposal we work with you to ensure that you maintain compliance with the latest legislation, including the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment Directive (WEEE), the Data Protection Act and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directives. We can destroy data on old equipment to government standards to prevent data misuse, aiming to give you peace of mind.

Staff & Holiday Cover

- For many businesses with small internal IT team or a staff member allotted the IT tasks, having someone away for any length of time can create a problem. Maybe you have a large project and need another pair of hands to help your fulfil your IT requirements while meeting completion timeframes. To help customers lower the risk of IT problems during these periods, we can provide pre-arranged or emergency remote and on-site support or cover.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

Disaster Recovery, Backup & Availability

IT, Computer and server disaster recovery for business customers

In today’s highly competitive business environment, constant availability of applications and data is critical to success. Downtime and data loss can doom any businesses to failure. Unfortunately, too many organisations lack effective disaster recovery and business continuity strategies. Backup and Disaster Recovery is perhaps one of the most important elements of any IT Infrastructure.  Without an adequate Backup & Disaster Recovery strategy in place, any company runs a very high risk to loosing valuable data which can even lead to business failure and complete shutdown. 

Here at InSync IT, we realise the importance of having an adequate backup strategy.  We have a number of Backup, Disaster Recovery & High Availability solutions to suit every possible methodology, strategy and budget and we can advise you with an appropriate solution for your business. Please see below to find out what related services we can offer you:

Computer, Laptop or Server Failure Recovery

– If you server or computer failed completely or you have dropped your laptop or having problems accessing your business system and data. InSync IT can offer solutions to get you back up and operating in no time. Whether buying new equipment is needed to recovering or transferring data from damaged equipment, we can re-establish your business operations as quickly as possible.

File & Data Recovery

- Have you accidentally deleted a file or folder on your laptop or USB memory device; had a virus change or delete your files or worse still has your server or computer failed completely. InSync IT can attempt a file and folder recovery on damaged, changed or deleted data, and if needed back this up to another destination for immediate access.

Password Recovery

- Lost your password to your computer, device, email or even your router, we can attempt to recover the old password, if we can’t we will reset and reconfigure any settings, to give you your secured access back once again.

Onsite, Offsite & Online Backups

– Every business should use at least one form of backup on a daily basis. If you lost your critical data, what would you do? If you do not have backup or your current backup has failed, chances are it would destroy your business! If you are lucky, you would gradually work your way back. There are many ways to backup your critical business data. Now with the advancement of the internet and it increased speeds other options are now available. InSync IT can provide many levels of backup solutions, these are often used together to add extra levels of protection and peace of mind. The main solutions we offer are:

  • Shadow Copies

    - This basic form of backup can exist if you have a Windows Server; it’s not a true backup method but can help recover single files if configured correctly to do so. This should not solely be relied upon for a data backup for your business and should be used in conjunction with a robust backup solution.
  • Mirrored Data

    - This basic method of backup can exist either at the hardware level by having a redundant set of hard disks called RAID in your server or computer that mirror copy’s you data in the event of a drive failure. Also software can replicate data from one storage media device or server to another, to ensure no loss of data should one or the other fail. This should not be solely relied upon for a data backup for your business and should be used in conjunction with a robust backup solution.
  • Tape Backup

    - This traditional method of backup uses magnetic tapes, the data is backed up daily to these tapes and someone in the business has to change these on a daily basis and log any problems. Tapes have been around for some time and are limited in there in sizes and speeds. It is advised to store these devices in a safe or to take them offsite.
  • External Storage Backups

    – More recently hard disk storage is now replacing tapes, as they are faster, cheaper and more robust than the older tape backups as well as having a much greater storage potential due to their large sizes. Instead of inserting tapes daily the set of drives are swapped daily, again by somebody onsite. It is advised to store these devices in a safe or to take them offsite.
  • Offsite Backups

    – Offsite backups are a form of backup that takes any backup medium or data offsite, which increases restoration chances of the data after events such as fires floods or burglary. This could be a tape, hard disk or similar storage device and should the worst happen at the work place then the offsite backup can help get the business up and running as quick as possible.
  • Online Internet Backup

    – Many businesses choose this method as an additional or replacement option to existing backup solutions. Online backup carries out their data backups on nightly basis across the internet without any intervention. You don’t have to worry about inserting tapes or swapping drives every evening before leaving the office and your data is both secure and encrypted and then backed up to our datacentre partners.  Harnessing the power of the Internet, your data can be easily backed up online and stored safely.  Restoring data is just with a few mouse clicks away and a download of the latest backed up files to restore any missing or corrupted data on your network.  Any failed backups can be automatically flagged and an email sent without the need for a staff member to see if there have been any unsuccessful backups jobs.

Whatever your requirements, we can advise on what solutions are available to you and then implement your chosen methods based on your requirements and budget. We advise on monitoring backups and making sure that the client is aware of how to monitor backups closely to make sure they are completed successfully. If this isn’t done then when the data is needed and there has been a problem for the last month then this is a bad situation for a company to be in with catastrophic consequences. If you sign up to one of our monthly contractual support package, we monitor and look after your backups as part of the package, eliminating this problem.

High Availability, Load Balancing & Failover

– If you require a high end, high availability disaster recovery solution, InSync IT can design and implement a solution that fits your business requirements. From simple solutions such as onsite standby hardware, RAID, extra domain controllers, mirror copies of data and dual internet connections through to advanced options such as offering a service to clone your servers and keep regular snapshots of them, so in the event of a disaster we can initiate the rapid restoration of your infrastructure. Further options include: replicate the data on all your servers to Hot Standby Servers (HSS) at our datacentre partners is a high end advanced choice.  We can advise on and tailor a solution to meet you requirements and budget.

Power & Communications Availability & Protection

- Protecting your power and communications is equally as important as any other part of your computer network. Without power or communications your business IT systems are redundant. InSync IT can install devices that protect and ensure if in the event of a power cut or surge, that your expensive IT equipment is protected. Devices such as Uninterruptable Power Supply’s (UPS) or Surge Suppression devices can be added to any computer, server or network device to prevent damage and retain uptime of you mission critical systems.

Hacker Recovery

– If your server has unfortunately been targeted by hackers, we can remove the intrusion and make sure all traces of the hack are removed, removing access to unauthorised hackers, we will then report on our findings to you and offer solutions to how any future attacks can be prevented and minimized, either by tightening security or upgrading and adding devices to your network.

Fire or Flood & Burglary Recovery

– Should the worst happen, we can get your back up and running as quick as possibly with our disaster recovery services. Whether it is new equipment that is required, data recovery or aiding the police or insurance companies, we can cover all disaster situations, to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

Remote & Home Working

Remote and home working on computers for business customers

With the popularity of the internet, and an opening up of the broadband speeds in the home and mobile markets, a new range of remote working capabilities can be explored. We offer a multitude of techniques to provide our clients’ access to their workplace resources, from simple email access to full application and file access with local printing capabilities, all from the comfort of their own home, or remote locations.

As specialists in various technologies, we are able to advise on remote working solutions which allow you to reach your business objectives while lowering costs and improving business efficiency, providing solutions that fit around your business, enabling secure and reliable connectivity between offices or remote locations, ideal for employees working from home or executives and sales people who work while they are on the road.

Many small businesses are turning to remote working and many new start-up businesses are choosing to run them from home and with our help, you or your employees could be working effectively and productively, regardless of location. Get a fast, secure, efficient, and cost-effective means to access your email, data, and critical software from anywhere at any time with our remote working solutions, which you can find out more about below:

Remote Working & VPN Solutions

- We can utilise broadband connectivity to provide connectivity to your workplace from a remote location using VPN or similar solutions such as Citrix or Terminal Services. InSync IT will always consider which mobile working solution is best suited to you and your business and budget, without compromising network security and soon your employees could be working effectively and productively, regardless of their location. We are familiar with a wide range of popular solutions used to enable access to data, email, applications and telephony services. These include Citrix, Terminal Services, VPN and PDA Services such as Blackberry and Windows push email services.

Home Office & New Business IT Setup’s

– If you’re starting a new business or even have an existing business and have decided to run it from home, we can setup all the related IT needs coupled with starting a new business and working from home. From getting your logo designed and a website and email domain setup, through to installing and internet connection and supplying and installing computer and related equipment such as router and printer. We can even utilise your existing landline masking the number with 08 number and enabling forwarding on your landline to your mobile with answering and greeting messages and email notifications of missed calls. Should you then require our continued support we will be happy to offer our services ad-hoc or via a contract.

Web Outlook & Remote Email

- In today’s modern business environment the ability to access, read, and respond to your emails and have access to your calendar remotely via your mobile device is essential to meet the demands of everyday business and stay competitive ensuring a fast and effective method of communication with clients and colleagues from any location. InSync IT can implement a remote and web email solution and we can advise on the best solution for your business, from being as simple as obtaining email access on your iPhone through to using web email for all your remote staff out on the road.

Cloud Integration

– With cloud based technology, you are able to connect to a secure virtual server or computer that exists on the internet, this way, wherever you are, if you have an internet connection you are able you access your files, applications of emails. A cloud server can be created in minutes and will run on the latest hardware and can save big costs on physical servers. InSync IT can advise on Cloud technology and see if this is the best route for your business to take with the need to fulfil remote working.

IT on the Move

– Should you require any other solutions to be able to obtain your business data while on the move we have solutions to any scenario you may have and we can advise on any technology that may be beneficial to you and your business while out on the road or in remote locations.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

Security, Protection, Monitoring & CCTV

CCTV, IT and network protection, monitoring and security for business customers

IT security has become one of the major issues facing business owners in today's digital age and investing in preventative solutions is a must if companies want to protect confidential data, critical assets and funds.

Hackers, virus’s and spyware continue to innovate and refine their delivery on attacks, making it increasingly difficult for organizations to maintain robust network security. Attacks and security breaches are not just limited to external sources; worryingly they can originate from internal devices and employees. With this we offer solutions that will enable you to monitor and protect your security from the inside, such as server, staff and internet monitoring and security policy implementation to lock down your computers, through to physical and visual security such as locks and CCTV.

InSync IT understands that security is a critical part of any businesses IT infrastructure so we evaluate every risk, large or small, that may threaten your IT infrastructure and ultimately your business, we will then then move on to ensure that the risk is neutralised. We offer a comprehensive form of risk management, firstly providing a full security audit and then suggesting a full solution.

Our expertise provides security technologies that help safeguard IT assets and critical business data, along with the knowledge to help prevent a costly and disruptive security breach. Comprehensive security solutions, including firewalls, virus, malware and spam protection and removal, intrusion detection and prevention, data encryption, web traffic & content monitoring, end point security, event monitoring, mobile data security, permission management and more. Remote monitoring and management allows us to rapidly detect and mitigate security breaches, and keep the clients defences up-to-date as security threats and business needs change. Here is a list of the related services we can offer:

Antivirus, Spyware & Malware Protection

- Having up-to-date Antivirus and Antispyware software is and essential step to protecting your business systems and data. These threats come from many sources, such as emails, the internet or downloaded files to name a few and if you are unprotected you risk the possibility of losing critical data or having your network attacked. InSync IT can help with a complete Antivirus and other threat protection solution and can put together a security package that meets your IT Infrastructures and your requirements.

Firewalls, ISA & Proxy Servers

– Firewalls & Proxy Servers are a layer of security that sit between your business and the internet and are a good way to help prevent attacks from hackers and criminals. If you haven’t already got an internet router then this is the easiest way for SMEs to protect your corporate network whilst also sharing your connection with other computers in your business. We can supply and configure routers with built in hardware firewalls, which will prevent you from being wide open to hackers. For more advanced and larger installation InSync IT can also supply and configure a range of dedicated firewalls that have been designed for high security corporate uses, such as Microsoft ISA Server amongst other gateway security products.

Security, Password & Access Reviews

– Passwords in many cases are the only line of defence to your IT security, so making sure these are secure is of upmost importance. All too often passwords are not used, too obvious or written on post it notes on monitors, this could leave your network wide open to unauthorised access or abuse. InSync IT can review you security structure and report to you our findings and if need be implement access solutions, such as forcing strong passwords, passwords of minimum lengths or introduce extra layers of security such as fingerprint readers or other security protection listed in this section.

Spam Prevention & Protection

- Spam and junk email messages are not only a burden to sort through as they arrive in your inbox in-between legitimate correspondence, as the volume of spam messages grow, they continually eat away at your organisation’s resources such as bandwidth and storage. Moreover, spam can introduce viruses onto your network and sudden spikes in spam and viruses can severely impact or even shut down your mail servers or worse still your whole network. InSync IT can offer solutions to prevent Spam and enable the filtering of your email to ensure almost all spam is removed from your company’s email, through use of software and filtering devices, spam can be caught before it reaches the end user. With many packages available we can advise on the most cost effective solution for your business and IT infrastructure.

Security Policy Implementation

– Most businesses recognise the necessity of having a security policy, but designing and successfully implementing one throughout your organization can be quite an intimidating task. InSync IT have experience in many diverse organisations where security needs vary. Security doesn’t just protect systems from outside attacks; businesses also have to protect the network from unauthorised internal activities, hence we can help protect your network resources and prevent access to specific areas or devices on a network to specific users or groups of users. Maybe you want to restrict access to a particular file or folder, or prevent a specific program from running and maybe you want to prevent internet access from a specific computer, these are just some of the policies that can be implemented in order to protect your IT Systems.

End Point Protection

- There is a difficult balancing act between protecting your network from threats and providing your users with the flexibility to download or upload the information they need to portable devices, like USB drives. The proliferation of devices, from memory sticks to music players, PDAs, CD/DVD burner drives and more, only increases the potential for compromising the security of sensitive data. InSync IT can provide your business with effective endpoint security and protection solutions to monitor network endpoints and control which devices can be plugged into the network that can significantly increase security, while preserving the flexibility your business needs, and preventing data leaks.

Web & Content Filtering

- Many employers may not realise the hidden costs of having a completely open Internet usage policy. The explosion of social networking sites such as Facebook & Twitter means that people are socialising wherever they can get online and this means in the workplace, but it’s not just about time wasting. There are now legal implications that employers face should employees under their duty of care be found to download or exchange pornography, offensive material or even use it as part of harassment against fellow employees. Another often overlooked factor is the effect this type of surfing has on the companies’ Internet connection. Bandwidth is consumed by employee’s sharing YouTube videos and downloading large images which means a slower Internet experience for everyone on the network not forgetting costing money in bandwidth allowances, leading to loss of connection and vital email communications. InSync IT can provide solutions that will cover all the problems associated with web content, with the implementation of a web filtering solution. Whether restricting users to specific sites, access at certain times, or even blocking by category, we can tailor a solution on a per user basis, to alleviate any problems.

Staff & Activity Monitoring

- Recent observations shows that monitoring employee activities during office working hours has proved to be very helpful for an organization. Many businesses are following this practice in order to safeguard their business interests. Once you start monitoring your employee’s computer activities, it gets lot easier for you as a manager to scan any kind of business abuse or illegitimate activities conducted in the office by any of the employees. With computer activity monitoring software; the problem of work misconduct is easily solved as one is able to trace all the on-going live desktop activities. Also with a sense of being monitored make employees conscious of their time utilization, and this exercise helps in boosting productivity and increasing outputs. InSync IT can advise on the available options and install the software and train you or your managers on how to administer the software.

Internet Bandwidth & Usage Monitoring

- Monitoring network bandwidth use helps administrators identify slowness and bottlenecks. Slow performance over a network connection is frustrating for users, and sometimes the problem arises from poor bandwidth limitations. We can setup utilities or software to keep track of traffic on the network or also on the internet gateway. This can be used for fault finding, helping you monitor your Internet usage so you don’t exceed your monthly ISP usage allowance or categorizing a network's usage to see if a connection or device is being abused and used for the wrong reasons such as illegal downloads.

Health & Event Monitoring

- The enormous volume of system events generated daily is a valuable source of information for organisations.  Growing threats to business continuity call for an approach that includes real-time monitoring of the network. This is, however, an overwhelming task without the proper tools and knowledge. InSync IT are experts at analysing events to use for fault resolution or other purposes and we offer as a service or part of a contract; proactive network monitoring solutions which will provide us with a real time analysis and reports the status of a server or device , 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring your antivirus is up to date and security patches are installed or if your internet or server is offline, by getting advanced warning of any impending problems. We aim to prevent any business downtime from happening by fixing the problem upon being notified, sometimes before you even notice.

Physical & Visual Security

- We can supply many different types of physical security, such as security marking through to locks, projector or computer cages and chains for your equipment to help prevent theft.

Fire & Security Protection

- We can supply, install and maintain security, fire and burglar alarm systems used to protect server rooms and your offices.

CCTV & Access Control

– InSync IT are able to supply, install and maintain all types of CCTV enabling you to protect your business and its assets.  From simple single camera installations through to advanced multiple camera or IP-based video surveillance where digital IP video is captured by network-connected cameras and transmitted over the network. Whatever the solution, you or security personnel can monitor the cameras internally or remotely across an Internet connection and manage video surveillance recordings and resources. As well as CCTV we can protect your offices with access control such as a simple digital lock on a server room through to multiple card swipe door access systems.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

Voice, Network & Cabling Infrastructure

Network cabling and infrastructure for business customers

Cabling is a crucial part of any IT infrastructure no matter how large or small the business. With ever increasing levels of bandwidth and a greater reliance on network devices a high quality data cabling system is essential. A badly designed or installed cabling infrastructure can negatively impact on the day-to-day running of the organisation. Correct design and implementation of structured cabling installations will provide cost savings and allow future-proofing of your network infrastructure.

We specialise in the installation of a variety of cabling installations and solutions for small and medium businesses, including low voltage, Cat5, Cat6, FTP and fibre optic network cabling through to voice and electrical as well as CCTV and security cabling infrastructures.

For all requirements from single sockets to large office network installations through to linking remote buildings together in almost any building, InSync IT can help organisations develop an efficient cabling plan for new facilities that will allow for flexibility and growth. They can also identify problems in existing cabling infrastructures, consolidate cabling management and hardware, and redesign networks for improved performance.

Prior to the commencement of any installation, comprehensive surveys and enquiries are made to ensure that the installation covers the current and foreseeable future requirements. All installations are completed to high standards and guaranteed quality of work. Below are more details on the solutions we can offer you:

Voice & Data Network Cabling

- At InSync IT we provide a full cabling service including voice and data integration. We are able to undertake Cat5e, Cat6 and FTP cable installation and maintenance, whether updating an existing facility or implementing a new facility, meeting the latest standards and specifications. From site surveys and infrastructure planning and design through to installation and on-going maintenance our engineers have years of experience along with all the necessary testing and terminating equipment to complete a professional installation and they will ensure that your system meets not just your immediate needs but is easily scalable for the growing demands of your business. Whether a simple single additional network point, a repair/replacement of faulty cabling to the installation of a full structured cabling network with comms cabinets, you can rest safe that when we attend site we do our best to work around the day to day running of your company, ensuring the smooth delivery of the project from initial planning through to delivery and handover.

Network Testing & Troubleshooting

- 75% of network faults is due to cabling not being tested properly during installation. All our CAT5e, CAT6 and structured cabling and fibre optic installations are fully tested upon installation. As well as new installations we can perform tests and reports on existing networks, so if you are having issues with a specific data point on your network or your network is running slow, we can run network cabling health checks which entails testing your existing cabling infrastructure to find out if there is any shorts or breaks and that it meets the requirements of the current hardware and the amount of users on your system.

Telephone Systems & PSTN Cabling

– As well as structured cabling we can install and maintain PSTN and BT phone system cabling. We can supply and install new phone sockets or can extend existing fax and ADSL lines

IP CCTV Cabling

– We can supply and install twisted pair data cabling for IP CCTV security systems and cameras, from single to multiple camera points. We can first and second fix or integrate new and existing systems for security installation companies or systems integrators.

Fibre Optic Links

- Fibre Optic cables are traditionally used for external building links, network backbones & where data needs to be transmitted over longer distances and its immunity to Electro Magnetic Interference, however due to the lower costs involved nowadays, Fibre Optic Cabling is being more and more widely used. We can install fibre optic links between buildings or long distances within the workplace along with the relevant network devices and the configuration and integration of the cabling into the existing network.

Network Cabinet Reorganisations

- For IT data cabinets that have become congested and cramped with multiple patch leads and equipment, we can provide colour coded patch leads and reorganise equipment to provide greater space and traceable patching, and if needed we can supply patch charts.

Linking Buildings

– If you have outbuildings or locations onsite that require data or voice links, we can advise on the best method, whether it be via wireless links with external antennas, overhead via a catenary wire or underground in ducting, we can cover all stages of the installation.

Electrical Work

– We can perform electrical work to coincide with any other IT work such as fused spurs for Network and IT equipment or cabinets.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

Hosted & Cloud Services

Cloud computing and hosted services for business customers

In today’s ever more demanding business environment, where every business is under pressure to deliver more for less, cost pressures are continually being monitored to ensure that absolute value for money is achieved in every component part of a business. Imagine then, being able to have access to state of the art technology at a fraction of a cost. Business costs can be preserved by using Hosted IT Services as a partly or fully outsourced service, achieved by eliminating the costs associated with running servers and other technology in-house.

Hosted Cloud computing is the future for any business that relies on its IT Network. A cloud network will provide you with a comprehensive range of IT services without needing to buy and maintain an internal IT infrastructure. Any Windows desktop applications, third party programmes and Exchange email services are delivered straight to your PC, using a secure internet connection. With Hosted Cloud computing, your business could enjoy a flexible, reliable, up-to-date IT network, at a fraction of the expected cost.

There is a growing number of services that are now being delivered online or in the Cloud. InSync IT offers a wide range of Hosted IT Solutions to suit all requirements. From small to mid-sized business hosted Dedicated Servers to bespoke, fully managed Web or Antispam Hosting, we’ve a package to meet all of your IT needs however large or small and no matter which hosted IT solution you choose, you’ll always be fully supported by our dedicated IT support service.

To find out how Hosted and Cloud solutions can be an advantage to your business, please see the list of services we can offer you below:

Thin Clients

- A Thin Client is a "Micro Pc" which is far less complex then a traditional computer. They are a small compact device that take up very little office space. Thin Clients are energy efficient as they use up to 80% less power compared to a traditional computer. Thin Clients are also silent running as they have no moving parts. Thin clients work alongside a server which allows connections and sessions to be hosted on the server from the thin clients. You may already have a server that has the ability to support thin clients. Terminal Server by Microsoft is one of the main server platforms that support thin clients and the benefits are that all software and user data is located centrally on the server, and the thin clients require very little or no maintenance once setup. We can advise on the cost implications of moving to or commissioning new thin clients and a possible required server in your organization, from here we can implement the solution we have advised for your business environment.

Online Backup

- Every business should use at least one form of backup on a daily basis. With the advancement of the internet and it increased speeds remote online backups using the internet are now an option. Either used as a primary backup method as an additional or replacement option to existing backup solutions, online backup carries out their data backups on nightly basis across the internet without any intervention. You don’t have to worry about inserting tapes or swapping drives every evening before leaving the office and your data is both secure and encrypted and then backed up to our datacentre partners.  Harnessing the power of the Internet, your data can be easily backed up online and stored safely.  Restoring data is just with a few mouse clicks away and a download of the latest backed up files can be used to restore any missing or corrupted data on your network.  Any failed backups can be automatically flagged and an email sent without the need for a staff member to see if there has been any unsuccessful backups jobs.

Email Security & Spam Filtering

– Spam and junk email messages are not only a burden to sort through as they arrive in your inbox in-between legitimate correspondence, as the volume of spam messages grow, they continually eat away at your organization’s resources such as bandwidth and storage. Moreover, spam can introduce viruses onto your network and sudden spikes in spam and viruses can severely impact or even shut down your mail servers or worse still your whole network. InSync IT offers our clients a complete line of email security services, with distinct advantages over appliance and software solutions. Our services require no hardware to buy and no software to install. With a simple change of your domain(s) MX records, your mail is routed through our servers, filtered, and the good messages are then passed on to your network. The entire filtering process typically takes less than a second. As a bonus, whenever your network is unavailable due to an outage, scheduled maintenance, or other event, InSync IT queues your mail for up to five days, promptly delivering to you when you come back online.

Website Hosting

– InSync IT offers a range of services to cover your businesses web hosting requirements. Whether it’s a single page, static website or a large and detailed site with e-commerce systems and databases, we can supply the web hosting for your business website. We can provide a fully managed service, with secure servers in our data centres, supplied by high-speed connections. This service will allow you to get the best from your website and applications without the worry of managing the server.

Hosted Exchange & Email

– If your business doesn’t have its own server, Hosted Exchange and email is a great alternative to running email servers locally in the office or managing the platform yourselves. Our Enterprise based Exchange and email solutions allows us to manage your email accounts and setup from a control panel and not have to worry about managing backups, DR, and making sure it’s available 24x7. Email and data is stored on a cloud platform providing redundancy, security and fast connectivity from wherever you are. This allows users to access their email, calendar, contacts and shared files by a variety of means, including Outlook®, Active Sync and Outlook Web Access (OWA), which are all provided. InSync IT provides Hosted Microsoft Exchange and email solutions for our smaller clients or those who want to minimise their reliance on in-house servers. This provides our smaller clients with all the functionality of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange as used by large companies and corporations throughout the World.

Cloud Services & Hosted Services

- Whether you have a small business with a couple of computers, a mid-size business with part-time IT resources or a large company with multiple locations and a complex IT infrastructure, InSync IT can supply Cloud hosted services to meet your specific technology needs. Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand. Where Cloud Services are feasible you get everything you need instantly without high upfront costs or long installation times. You get the flexibility of scaling to your specific needs without having to add hardware. The cloud is the future for businesses that rely on their IT Network and keeping with the latest technology while keep tabs on costs. A cloud network will provide you with a full range of IT services without the need to purchase and maintain an Internal IT Infrastructure. All Windows desktops, applications, third party software and Exchange email services are delivered directly to your computer over a secure internet connection.

Hosted Desktop

- InSync IT can implement Hosted Desktop services which are a Cloud computing service that delivers a Windows desktop, Microsoft Office, Exchange/Outlook email and other applications as a hosted service, rather than using local infrastructure. Cloud services are designed and built to provide businesses with scalable solutions that produce operational efficiencies, enhance productivity and improve mobility. Cloud services replace the traditional capital expenditure requirements of IT deployments with a simple per user, per month payment model delivering proven cost savings.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

Software Development

Web and Software development projects for business customers

InSync IT provides a complete outsourcing service for bespoke software development, support and maintenance. Our development engineers have many years' experience of delivering large and complex software development projects. We understand the risks and issues inherent in such ventures, and we work closely with our customers to ensure that our projects are always delivered successfully and on time.

We offer a structured service consisting of software development services to design, code and test computer software solutions and advise on rollout. Depending on the context, software may either be developed from scratch or built upon existing or third party software products. A range of support services to diagnose and fix any problems encountered with the delivered software. Follow-on services to effect handover of the solution to the customer, including full system documentation, staff education and training and assistance.

All Software projects are customised to meet the particular requirements of the client, which can vary considerably depending upon the nature of the work. We discuss with the client the requirements for each of the above service elements and produce a development plan tailored to their individual needs.

We can also offer extra complementary services to the above, such as web design and hosting, hence we aim to provide a one-stop shop to our customers for all their computer software development requirements. For further details of our software development service offerings please see below:

Software Development

- Off the shelf software may not provide you with a complete solution. Perhaps it does most of what you need but some specific and important items are missing. Often the missing parts are costing you time and money. InSync IT can design and develop existing or new bespoke software, customised to your exact business processes. Giving you an efficient, timesaving application which is updateable can be modified and improved to adapt to changing requirements.  Please contact us to discuss any requirements for tailor made or custom software development which you think we could provide to help your business. We have knowledge of the following development technologies: NET, Visual Basic, C, C++, Visual FoxPro.

Web Based Development

- Web based application development provides intranet and extranet web application development and integration. And for both small and medium sized companies the capability to employ intranet web application, content management system, or dynamic website can be similarly significant. Therefore, our web based application development offers vital support for various kinds of businesses. We have knowledge of the following web based technologies: ASP, .NET, PHP, JAVA, JavaScript, VB Script, Classic ASP, CSS, XML, DHTML, HTML.

Database Development

- We help businesses organize and streamline their data with custom developed database solutions. Built on industry-leading open source technologies such as MySQL, our database development services will allow your business to centralize data on, or off the web. Our database development services will assist you in designing systems to manage information the way you require, allowing you to simplify business processes and become more efficient. Our experienced developer is fully qualified in designing and implementing custom databases that are robust, efficient, and secure. We have knowledge of the following database technologies: SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, Oracle, and Visual FoxPro

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

IT Training, Help & Advice

IT computer help, advice and training for business customers

Stuck with how to move files or rename files or want to know how best to move your office IT infrastructure?

From the smallest query to a full training session on  Microsoft Office or even advice on setting up another office, we can give impartial, friendly advice for all aspect of IT related questions or queries, as well as  training sessions for many business IT related  topics and software.

We can offer the following:

General IT Advice

- We can offer general help and advice on all aspects of technology, computers and IT in your business. Our advice is impartial and tailored to fit your individual circumstance.

Buying Advice

- Not sure what laptop to buy or what software will be suitable for you and your business? We can give all aspects of buying advice whether buying from us or sourcing yourself.

Training & Help

- We are able to provide training on all modern aspects of IT, from basic use of laptops to supporting your own infrastructure. Whether it is Windows help, or you want to know how to build or edit your own website, just ask and we can help.

Should you need to discuss any of these services, have questions or you require a quote, please give us a call on 0161 806 1188 and we will be happy to help.

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