Remote IT Support

Our helpdesk support service is delivered via telephone hotline and an on-line tool to enable us to view and control the screen from our helpdesk support centre. Users can watch as we resolve issues remotely.

All support calls and emails are monitored by our in-house qualified technical help desk. We are able to provide telephone & remote access support which has proved on many occasions an effective and efficient first line of support in order to immediately resolve most software or hardware problems.

IT support does not need to be costly or inconvenient. Our Remote Desktop support software allows your technology problems to be dealt with immediately, without waiting for an technician to visit onsite. We use remote control technology to access your computer and see the same screen that you see. This means that we can fix problems quicker and more conveniently than ever before.

Remote IT Support Services over the Internet

Approximately 80% of all support calls can be dealt with almost instantly with the use of our remote support tools, with one phone call to us, we’ll access your system from where we are.

If the problem cannot be resolved via the telephone or remotely, we will escalate the problem to a onsite visit. The information is passed to the onsite technician, and a visit is made along with any necessary equipment.

All you need is an internet connection and a phone for us to immediately connect and start resolving your problem remotely.

What is Remote Support ?

Remote support allows a technician to remotely access your pc for training or resolving issues. This results in quicker and instant support.

How does it work?

The technician will ask you to download a file from our website and you simply click run and then give access to your pc.

Is it Safe?

The software has built-in SSL encryption used over the internet along with passcodes and unique IDs, meaning a secure connection to your pc.

How do i get started?

Call our support number and speak to one of our technicians, they will guide you through the easy process of getting connected.

Have any other questions about our Remote Support?

Please give us a call, and we will be happy to answer any queries about our remote support service.

Connect to Support

How to Use

Existing clients please follow the list of instructions below, if you are not yet one of our clients, please contact us first.

Call us first with your IT problem.

You will be given an invitation code.

Click Connect to go to the connect page.

Enter invitatation code & click Connect.

If asked click Run or Open on the file.

Once open await further instructions.

We can chat in the window if needed.